How Do I Handle Myself When Someone Stares (at My Burn Scars)?

It is a normal human reaction to look at something that is different, unusual, or curious. So how do we handle ourselves when someone stares at or makes comments about our burn scars? Read our tools and tips for responding to stares and discover other tips to increase your social confidence...

Participate in a Research Study - Social Skills Training!

May 27, 2015

Your Experience Matters! Are you interested in participating in a Research Study about our online Social Skills Training module - "Beyond Surviving, Tools for Thriving After Burn Injury?" Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors would like to invite you to participate in an online research study for survivors of burn injury and their friends or family members. The primary goal of this study is to see the effects of a Social Skills Training program titled “Beyond Surviving … Tools for Thriving after a Burn Injury” in reducing social anxiety and improving community participation among burn survivors. Phoenix Society is collaborating with UT Southwestern and the North Texas Burn Rehabilitation Model System in conducting this research to assess the effectiveness of the online Social Skills Training. Find out more!

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