Join Us for Phoenix Advocacy Training! Survivors Using Their Voices to Make a Difference

Successful advocacy requires effective tools and messaging to make a difference. That's why the Phoenix Society is offering our newly updated advocacy training course at Phoenix World Burn Congress. We know that by bringing together the individual stories of burn survivors and raising our voice as a burn community, we can increase understanding of burn issues, improve burn prevention efforts, and reach more burn survivors. This powerful advocacy training is also available through our NEW online training course. Read more about the training and how YOU can get involved! You can be trained as a Phoenix Advocate through our NEW online training course - or experience the training onsite at Phoenix World Burn Congress.

Hundreds Attend Phoenix Walk of Remembrance - Commemorating Losses and Advocating for Prevention

The burn survivor community united in a Walk of Remembrance at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015 to honor those lost to burn injury and to raise awareness within our communities that burns are a leading cause of accidental death and injury. Read more about our efforts to raise awareness, improve quality of care, and prevent burn injuries...

The Cardenas Family Finds Healing Together at Phoenix WBC

It was an ordinary day, and what should have been an ordinary family event. The family was barbecuing at home when the propane tank exploded. As a result, Eddie Cardenas, who was 15 years old, suffered burns over 50% of his body and spent the next seven months in the hospital. For months the family’s routine was thrown off-balance. Eddie’s parents, Liz and Eduardo, spent their days at the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, CA, more than an hour away from their home. Finally, Eddie was released from the hospital. The family attended their first Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress in 2013. There, they found a place among a community they didn’t know existed. We invite you to read how the power of peer support and the resources of Phoenix World Burn Congress brought support and healing to an entire family.

Community Reentry Outings

Recovery for the burn survivor and their family does not stop when they are discharged from the hospital, it extends beyond that. For some it begins with the first step back into the community, back into their life outside of the hospital. The first step in anything can be moving, fulfilling and exciting. But for a burn survivor and their family it can also be intimidating and stressful. However, with support and the right tools it can be successful for all involved. One way to help overcome the uncertainty is by participating in a community reentry outing. We have been learning about these social skill tools throughout our week in Phoenix UBelong and our oldest groups of adolescents went to Joe's Italian Ice to practice what they have learned and support each other through the process.

Music Therapy at Phoenix UBelong

Music Therapy: “Friday at UBelong we were joined by a drummer who taught us how to use drumming to express individuality and come together as a group”… Music Therapy involves children in singing, listening, playing and creative activities. We wanted to include this activity at Phoenix World Burn Congress because its goals support the Phoenix UBelong program by finding ways to express ourselves, build confidence, and heal. By Rebecca Parmenter MS, CCLS and Christen Bradbury MS, CCLS, Phoenix UBelong volunteers

Pain is inevitable. Misery and Happiness are Optional.  Choosing Happiness

Oct 23, 2014

Michael Bergeron hosted a Phoenix World Burn Congress workshop today regarding pain, misery, and happiness. Michael shared for us his findings and expertise on the topic of choosing happiness in the face of life's events.

Young Adult Session - Kicks Off!

Oct 22, 2014

Young Adult Workshop at Phoenix World Burn Congress is all about finding your focus (on who you are, and where you’re going), and having fun while you find fulfillment. It’s about finding comfort in who you are, and having support to get to where you want to go (as a person and in the world). This workshop brings together 18-25 year olds who are ready to support one another, have fun, and talk about where they’re going next.

Phoenix WBC Sponsors Help Change Lives!

Oct 22, 2014

This year’s Phoenix World Burn Congress is shaping up to be our largest ever with over 1,000 attendees and a youth and family program at full capacity. Our supporters have really stepped up to provide the funding needing to meet this growth. Join us in thanking them for providing healing, hope, and a connection to a national burn community! Their support truly changes lives - as told in the story of just one of the inspiring survivors here with us this week....

Become a Phoenix WBC Social Media Volunteer

Oct 19, 2014

Share your Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014 experiences! We’re looking for people interested in documenting their experience at Phoenix WBC in Anaheim, CA. If you are planning to attend, please consider becoming an “official” Phoenix World Burn Congress Contributor. You don’t have to be a journalist or professional photographer or writer to share your experience. By contributing, you’ll help those who are not able to physically attend the event be connected to the burn survivor community through social media.

Maureen’s Story - Your Gifts At Work

Imagine facing a burn injury alone without an expert team you can call for support – a team who knows what you’re going through. Fear that someone will see the scars. It’s easier to keep them hidden you think. That is what Maureen thought for 57 years. But, that began to change last December when she contacted Phoenix Society. Maureen’s first call to the Phoenix Society in December 2012 was one of those beginnings. Maureen explained that she was burned at the age of 3 when hot oil was poured on the top of her head. Maureen tells her story of getting connected to resources and personalized support, and her transformation of healing.

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