Renewal is Greater Than Regret

The Newtons’ story is an important reminder that whatever challenges we face, renewal is greater than regret. Every member of the Newton family struggled in a different way, but they each embarked on a journey of recovery and renewal. In 2009, Braegan and Kade were injured in a fire. After 3 months in the hospital, the Newton family returned home and tried to pick up where they left off. But they lived hours away from their doctor, and the family struggled without support.

Coming Full Circle at Phoenix SOAR Training

"I knew the training and the connections would push me to continue to heal and grow. I had no idea how moving the experience would be." Alicia Assad, mother of a burn survivor, describes her experience at Phoenix SOAR Peer Support Volunteer Training.

5 Things I Learned as the Child of a Burn Survivor

A burn injury has an impact on everyone in the family, but sometimes those effects can be positive. In this blog, one young woman shares a few things she learned as the daughter of a burn survivor.

The Cardenas Family Finds Healing Together at Phoenix WBC

It was an ordinary day, and what should have been an ordinary family event. The family was barbecuing at home when the propane tank exploded. As a result, Eddie Cardenas, who was 15 years old, suffered burns over 50% of his body and spent the next seven months in the hospital. For months the family’s routine was thrown off-balance. Eddie’s parents, Liz and Eduardo, spent their days at the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, CA, more than an hour away from their home. Finally, Eddie was released from the hospital. The family attended their first Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress in 2013. There, they found a place among a community they didn’t know existed. We invite you to read how the power of peer support and the resources of Phoenix World Burn Congress brought support and healing to an entire family.

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