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" When I was 9 years old, I suffered burns over 100% of my body and was expected to die. Today, I share my story with more than 50,000 people each year in hopes that they may live a more radically inspired life. As a Phoenix Society Ambassador, I am honored to have this opportunity to serve as a guest blogger and share my story with you." John O'Leary, author of ON FIRE: The Seven Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Live, discusses the joy of coming come from the hospital five months after being burned, and the troubling realization that his journey had only just begun.

Be Liberated From Your Story & Inspire Others With Your Story

Feb 5, 2016

We invite you to watch John O'Leary's personal video that he sent our way to share with you in honor of National Burn Awarness Week (February 1-7, 2016). This remarkable video was taped by John in celebration of his 30-year "burn anniversary" and calls to mind the struggle that each burn survivor experiences at the beginning of their journey of recovery. The hard reality is—each burn survivor has their own painful beginning, and their own unique journey of reccovery—but it is not how it the journey has to end. John's acknowledges the painful beginnings, the struggle of the journey, and then offers each and every one of us to 'be liberated from your story, be inspired by your story, and finally—be bold enough to inspire others with that story" Watch John’s inspirational message as he revisits the home of his burn injury and encourages others to ‘Live a Radically Inspired Life’. (Please note some content may be upsetting for some viewers).

John O’Leary Celebrates the Blessings Born from the Tragedy of Fire

Jan 29, 2016

Phoenix Society is immensely excited to welcome John O'Leary, world-renowned motivational speaker and burn survivor, as our newest guest blogger. John writes from the heart—with a unique understanding of the reality of the daily struggle of living with burn injury, to rising above those struggles and offering others real strategies to live inspired lives. He was a keynote speaker at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015 in Indianapolis, IN, and received an overwhelming response from the Phoenix WBC audience. This is John's first post to the Phoenix Society blog and his personal letter to all of you in honor of National Burn Awareness Week to "shine the light on the many gifts in your life today." We hope you enjoy and find inspiration...

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