#BurnsAreBeautiful: How Kechi embraced her Scars

Kechi Okwuchi, America's Got Talent finalist, shares her #burnsarebeautiful story. "That memory signifies one of the most meaningful moments of my life as a burn survivor because I realized something important: "The real Kechi shines through her scarred exterior every day, and she is strong and beautiful."”

Healthy Living, Healthy Healing: 3 Ways Exercise Helped Me Heal

Michelle Valladares shares how she committed to a healthy lifestyle after her burn injury, a commitment that has given her a lot in return.

How Do I Handle Myself When Someone Stares (at My Burn Scars)?

It is a normal human reaction to look at something that is different, unusual, or curious. So how do we handle ourselves when someone stares at or makes comments about our burn scars? Read our tools and tips for responding to stares and discover other tips to increase your social confidence...

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