Young Adults Look “Beyond My Scars” in Newport

For Young Adult workshop participants, the dazzling waters of Newport beach, carousels by the beach,  and the opulence of historic mansions served as stunning backdrops for a day of focusing outward for peer support  and also inward for strength and direction.

The Young Adult Workshop is designed for 18-25 year old survivors who are in a transitional life stage and working towards independence and personal accountability.  The workshop offers an engaging and supportive environment for participants to learn how to find their focus (who they are and where they’re going), all while having fun and making social and support connections. 

This year’s focus  includes an ongoing tool for showing what it’s like for young adults, looking #BeyondMyScars to what really matters, and what comes next in life.

For this week at Phoenix World Burn Congress, we’ll be sharing photos of the ways we’re growing and supporting each other, together.

All young adults are invited to connect up throughout the rest of Phoenix World Burn Congress and during other young adult focused sessions (open to all 18-25 year old attendees), including a support group and a panel discussion about relating and relationships.  Some of us will also make a special visit to Phoenix UBelong to mentor the teens accompany them to Open Mic. 



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