Young Adults are “Taking the Wheel”!

The Young Adult Workshop is designed for 18-25 year old survivors who are in a transitional life stage and working towards independence and personal accountability.  The workshop offers an engaging and supportive environment for participants to learn how to find their focus (who they are and where they’re going), all while having fun and making social and support connections. 

This year, the Young Adult pre-conference workshop included an "Indy" inspired program theme and focused specifically on how we are all “in the driver’s seats” of our own lives.  The attendees of this workshop spent the first part of the day together in discussion groups sharing how the life-choices that we make both show what we value—and shape where we’re going.  The fun-filled afternoon included a team-building outing to the Dallara Indycar factory.  This event gave the young adult group a chance to “take the wheel hands on” and experience firsthand driving a race car!

We look forward to staying connected throughout the rest of PWBC and during other young adult focused sessions (open to all 18-25 year old attendees), including a support group and a panel discussion about relating and relationships.  Some of us will also make a special visit to Phoenix UBelong to mentor the teens accompany them to Open Mic.  We will close our time together on Saturday by reviewing the lessons, skills and friendships we gained from being part of the young adult workshop.

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