Top 5 Things I Learned at Phoenix UBelong This Week!

Phoenix UBelong participants share the top 5 things they learned this week at Phoenix UBelong:





  1. “It was cool to get to talk to the Young Adult mentors about their stories and how they use things like STEPS and RYR in their lives.  Some of them are in college or working already and I got a lot from hearing about their experiences.  I feel more prepared for what to expect after high school and I hope to be able to be a part of the Young Adult program next year”.
  2. “I learned about Rehearse Your Response, which made me feel more in control of how much I share with others about my family’s story in the future”. 
  3. “I never really thought about who I am or what made me this person before and it was interesting to kind of write it all down and look at it.  When it was all there in front of my face I could see that my injury is a small part of me but still something to be proud of.”
  4. “Overwhelmed pie!  When you are thinking about too many things and it is making you sad, just take one piece at a time or else it’s too much”.
  5. “I didn’t think I would be able to do everything in yoga so if there was something hard they just taught me a different way to do it.  It made me feel like I can still do a lot of stuff I liked before, but I might just do it differently now”. 

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