The Gift Match is In!

Applause erupted. Excitement swelled. The room was buzzing with energy. This year’s banquet at the Phoenix World Burn Congress was, perhaps, the most exciting in our history…thanks to donors like you!

It started with so many of you responding to Bio-Oil’s video share challenge. Every time you shared the company’s short documentary featuring the stories of a few brave burn survivors, you earned $1 to help survivors and their families. Your shares added up to a generous $25,000 donation from Bio-Oil!

But that was only the beginning.

Brian Stevens motivates the crowd at Phoenix WBC 2015 to participate in a gift matchThat giant check, combined with the eager participation of the burn community, roused the charitable spirit of first-time banquet attendee Brian Stevens. Within minutes, he stood before a rapt crowd, pledged to match Bio-Oil’s gift, and issued a new challenge—a 1:1 match for every donation made that evening.

And the race to give began.

Inspired by an extraordinary opportunity to double their donations, corporations, physicians, survivor groups, families and individuals rallied to make the most of it.

At the strike of 12:00 midnight, the donations were in…and the results, astounding. More than $52,000 came straight from the hearts and hands of you, our friends and family.  The impact of each dollar was multiplied by the generosity of Brian and Kathy Stevens - and then Brian and Kathy upped the ante by rounding that match up for increased dollars. Altogether, the evening inspired spontaneous gifts totaling more than $155,000!

Whether you shared the video, gave a gift, or were cheering us on, thank you for making it an evening to remember!  With your enthusiastic response and the recently received check from Brian and Kathy, we are ensuring that no burn survivor is ever alone on their journey of recovery. 

A true example that "nothing heals people like other people."


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SandraOsborne    Moderate:
6:32am - Nov 30, 2019

Hats off to the phoenix society for working for the burn survivors. These burn survivors are also the part of the society this is the thing that needs to be understood to this essayvikings writing services. I must say they are doing their best.

Huggychuck    Moderate:
9:41pm - Mar 8, 2016

WOW, $155,000.00 in one night from those in attendance must be some kind of record, I’m glad I was part of it, and many thanks to
Brian and Kathy Stevens for their challenge and contribution. Many hugs from Huggy Chuck