Taking Care of Yourself at Phoenix World Burn Congress

Whether it's your first time attending Phoenix World Burn Congress or your thirtieth, the experience can be overwhelming. Transformational healing happens here, but it's not always easy.

So we asked Michelle Valladares, our Supportive Programming Intern, to share her tips for a great Phoenix World Burn Congress!

Michelle Valladares talks with three other Phoenix WBC attendees.


Taking Care of Yourself at Phoenix World Burn Congress

by Michelle Valladares

My #PhoenixWBC Checklist:

✓ Toothbrush & tooth paste
✓ Clothes for the week
✓ ...?

What else do I need?

But more importantly, what should I expect?

2010 was my first year attending Phoenix World Burn Congress. I was excited to meet so many people from diverse walks of who I could relate to, I was curious about visiting a new city, and I was a little nervous about all the uncertainty ahead.

Imagine this: a young solo traveler from Canada with little to no instruction of what to expect. Man oh man, it was quite the adventure. As I reflect on my time discovering each intricate layer of Phoenix World Burn Congress, I am grateful for the people who so willingly became my friends and surrounded me with love. To this day, I’m still connected with them through social media and reunions at the conference. What a GREAT experience!

Years later as Phoenix Society’s Supportive Programming Intern, I’m learning about some of the great resources offered during the conference to help YOU if you are feeling uncertain, anxious, stressed, or if you simply want more information.

Mental Heath Team

It’s common to have a variety of feelings during the week. The people you meet, support you receive, and workshops you attend can be filling and overwhelming. There were times I wasn’t sure how to process the emotions that I was feeling. For instances like these, there is a team of Mental Health Professionals on site to offer support.

We often feel like our issues have to be extreme to receive support. This is NOT true. Our support team is meant to assist you at whatever level you may be during the conference. Don’t hold yourself back from accessing these resources! Just find any Phoenix Society staff member or volunteer, and they’ll connect you with support.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is open from Thursday through Saturday with activities like Yoga and Zumba every morning to help you center and prepare for the day. All abilities are welcome and are encouraged to join. Throughout conference hours, a designated area with programming and information surrounding alternative and integrative wellness is provided. Visit the Wellness Center during the Kick-Off event for more info!

Connections Team

The Connections Team provides concrete ways to make new friends through meet-ups during open lunch times and more. Anyone is welcome to join, whether you’re at Phoenix World Burn Congress for the first time or just hoping to make some new friends.

Looking back at my own experience, I wonder how different my first, second and third time going to the conference might have been if I’d known more about the support available.

So I encourage you to make use of these resources at the conference. I'm certain you won’t regret it. This is an opportunity to grow and connect with people like never before.

For more information, check out these links to prepare for Phoenix World Burn Congress:

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