Sharing “Pieces of Me” at Phoenix UBelong

How often do we take the time to appreciate ourselves as individuals?  To explore how we got where we are and which experiences and people have shaped us?  Are there things that we have changed intentionally on the way?  What did we choose?  What were we given?  Phoenix UBelong participants had the opportunity to find the answers to all these questions this year.

A burn injury affects the entire family and we each go through different phases as we recover; we are all survivors learning to thrive.  A significant part of recovery lies in figuring out how this part of our story will fit in with what already exists.  As we develop from victim to survivor, we learn to be proud of defeating challenges; as we develop from surviving to thriving, we recognize our trauma but learn to embrace and show our whole selves to the world, rather than just that part.

It is for this very reason that we chose the “Pieces of Me” theme this year; we need to remind our communities that we have much more to offer than the scars on our skin.  With the guidance from highly trained clinicians from around the globe, we created a program that allowed our participants to explore who they are in a safe and supported environment.  On this journey, we also got the chance to improve social skills, self-expression, self-esteem, relaxation techniques, and anxiety/stress management all while experiencing fun, new activities!

Here are some “pieces of me” our participants are proud to share with you!

  • I am brave!
  • I am smart, funny and love to dance
  • My scars do not define who I am
  • What I have gone through has made me stronger

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