Reg Richards, MS, PT, Answers “Why We Give”


Reg Richar, MS, PT, world-renowned burn rehabilitation expertIn my work as a clinical research coordinator for burn rehabilitation, I see burn survivors overcome challenges every day. Each day presents new obstacles for families  recovering from a burn injury, but with the needed tools and support they can thrive again. I want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be empowered in his or her recovery.

You may have received a note from me that closed “Yours in Burn Rehab.” That’s because I truly believe we are all partners in burn recovery, and supporting the Phoenix Society is an important part of being a true partner in burn rehab that extends beyond the physical. Donating to the Phoenix Society is as much an emotional decision as it is a financial one. Immediately after returning from our first WBC in the fall of 2007, my wife and I were moved to begin making annual donations because of our remarkable  experience. It was an emotionally charged event that offered a new perspective on what it means to be a burn survivor. Each Congress since has been equally as fulfilling.

With a quick visit to the Phoenix Society website (, you will discover the high-quality programs and support the Society offers to the special group of people they serve. Additionally, the industrious staff is more fiscally responsible than any other organization with which we’ve been associated. You can be confident that your donated dollars are working for their intended purpose and making the biggest impact possible.

I challenge all, whether you’re a healthcare professional or not, to join me in supporting the Phoenix Society. Become our partner in burn recovery.

Reg Richard is a world-renowned burn rehabilitation expert. He has been the clinical research coordinator of burn rehabilitation at the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, since 2006. His research, his writing, and all of his work in burn care for more than 35 years have established standards used by physical therapists for burn patients worldwide. We are privileged to have as our partner someone with such a wealth of knowledge and  wisdom in the area of burn care.

Thank you to all of our supporters who give so generously to ensure that everyone in the burn community receives the very best care they so richly deserve.


This story is an excerpt from The Phoenix Society’s® Burn Support News, Issue 2, 2013. Burn Support News is a quarterly publication that contains articles on the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of burn recovery.  All Rights Reserved.


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