Phoenix WBC on a Budget

Written by: Olivia Abbatiello - Communications Fellow 

From burn survivors to advocates, Phoenix World Burn Congress is the largest gathering of the burn community. Taking place in a different city every year, Phoenix WBC brings together people from all over the country and world, offering support and resources to all those in attendance.

For many, Phoenix WBC is the first opportunity to connect with others who have shared experiences, which can a powerful stepping stone for survivors and loved ones alike. Phoenix Society wants to ensure anyone who wants to attend has the opportunity to do so and has created a list of budgeting tips. These tips can help attendees lower conference costs.


Travel Tips

Hopper - Airfare Monitor App

  • Monitor airfare prices and book when the price is most affordable
  • Set up for dates far in the future and get comparisons from all airlines and visual representation of best days to travel

Expedia, Kayak, Priceline - Travel search engines which compile all transporation options in one convenient, easy to use site

  • Browse hundreds of different flights, airports, and rental car prices and compare options side by side


  • Great resource to read reviews from other travelers on local restaurants, shops, and other travel-related accommodations.

Amazon Fresh, Fresh Direct, PeaPod - Sites to order groceries in order to have them delivered to wherever you may be staying

  • In order to save money on food while in town, you can arrange to have groceries delivered to where you’ll be staying in order to not have to eat out every day or go shopping once you’re there

Free Transportation

  • Phoenix Society offers free transportation from the airport to the conference on select days. Learn more here!


Registration Costs

In order to ensure you get the best price possible, early bird pricing is offered and attendees are encouraged to register during this time. About a month before the event, prices go up and will not go back down. Be sure to follow Phoenix Society on Facebook and keep an eye out for registration opening, which will happen about four or five months prior to Phoenix WBC.

Phoenix Society will also be conducting Phoenix WBC virtually, which can be a very cost effective option for those who would like to participate but don’t have the means to do so in person. Virtual registration is offered to all and is free of cost. If you are a healthcare professional and would like to receive CEU credit for virtual attendance, registration costs $40.


An Investment in Thriving

Phoenix WBC is a life-changing experience for many and will be worth any investment made to attend.

The connections made, resources offered, stories shared and lives impacted are priceless. Survivors in all stages of recovery can come together in a safe space and share emotional, mental and physical challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced with those who understand on a level deeper than anyone else. Loved ones can learn how to advocate the best they can for the burn survivor in their lives and the community as a whole. Healthcare professionals get the chance to interact on a personal level with those who they may only see in a hospital environment. Everyone in attendance has a chance to further their ability and standing as an advocate, whether for yourself or another.


Phoenix World Burn Congress offers an opportunity for every attendee to share, learn and thrive. From survivors to allies, attending is an investment in personal growth on whichever journey you may be on.

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