Phoenix WBC Sponsors Help Change Lives!

This year’s Phoenix World Burn Congress is shaping up to be our largest ever with 925 attendees and a youth and family program at full capacity.  Our supporters have really stepped up to provide the funding needing to meet this growth.

175 individuals and organizations have donated $522,000 to make this year’s Phoenix World Burn Congress possible.

Join us in thanking them for providing healing, hope, and a connection to a national burn community!

Their support truly changes lives . . . . below is the story of just one of the inspiring survivors here with us this week ~

Muji Karim and family portraitMore Than an Event:

How the Phoenix World Burn Congress Boosted Muji Karim’s Recovery


Muji Karim is no stranger to perseverance. As a former college football star and scholarship athlete, he knows what it takes to overcome a physical challenge. Yet he describes the experience of a burn injury as

“the first challenge in life that I seriously doubted I could make it through… there is no other injury like being burned. You don’t truly relate or understand until you’re living it.”


A car accident in 2011 caused Muji to lose both legs and parts of his hands. He says he was “still very much in the recovery phase, and getting used to a new self,” when he had the opportunity to attend the 2012 Phoenix World Burn Congress. “I had heard from other survivors that it was life-changing, that there was no way to fully understand it without being part of it. I went to see if this was real.”

The energy and connections at Phoenix World Burn Congress convinced him that the impact of the event is real. While he had met fellow survivors through Phoenix SOAR and a local support group, the Congress introduced him to survivors his age, with similar injuries, and facing similar challenges. “It is such a large scale of survivors,” he says. “All types of burns, all types of ethnicities, all phases of recovery.”

Muji shares that the event provided an important boost to his recovery process. After a year of trying to protect his mother and family by being positive all the time, he says that he “realized that I needed a place to mourn my losses and receive support. It helped me accept and move forward.”

Thanks to Muji, other survivors and our generous sponsors, Phoenix World Burn Congress is more than a place where survivors learn skills and meet peers. It’s a vital space for burn survivors to find a deeper sense of ease and freedom.

“I’ve heard others say that the Phoenix World Burn Congress is what they look forward to more than anything else, because it’s the only place they can be 100% themselves.”  - Muji Karim


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