Phoenix UBelong Childcare: More Than a Babysitting Service!

Imagination!  Exploration!  Learning!  These are just a few of the terms that come to mind when I think about the Phoenix UBelong Childcare program. 

Phoenix UBelong supports family-centered care and has purposefully set up our programming so that it is transitional in nature: UBelong Childcare—>  UBelong Youth and Teen—> UBelong Young Adults—> UBelong Parents.  We acknowledge that even our youngest conference attendees may have psychosocial needs.  By incorporating age-appropriate therapeutic programming into UBelong Childcare, we are welcoming children under 7 years of age into the greater Phoenix World Burn Congress family early on. 

Phoenix UBelong volunteer Susan Trentel takes the lead in planning and facilitating daily therapeutic activities for our toddlers and preschoolers enrolled in childcare.  With our location inspired Phoenix UBelong theme, “Be Indy-vidual”, Susan engaged this year’s childcare participants in creative activities that encouraged them to identify what makes them unique.  A favorite this year was our “I Am a Winner” activity.  The kids used props to dress up and take photo booth style pictures, and then were interviewed as if they were celebrities.  The kids then got to make their own poster that included their photos and also quotes about what makes them Indy-vidual.  This activity introduced basic self-confidence skills, encouraged self-expression, and more importantly, was a fun time for everyone!

Burn injuries impact everyone in the family – whether you are 1 day old or 100 years old.   UBelong Childcare provides the opportunity for our youngest attendees to begin to get the support they need as well as to introduce basic skills that they will use throughout their lives to help them thrive. 

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