Phoenix UBelong Childcare

By Sue Trentel

The development of child and family programming at Phoenix World Burn Congress has introduced opportunities for many new forms of support for everyone in the family.  Phoenix UBelong provides programs for young adults, older teens, kids 7 to 17 years old, parents, and a daycare setting for children from infancy to six years of age. I would like to describe the childcare at Phoenix UBelong.

The Phoenix UBelong childcare program is available throughout Phoenix WBC by reservation on a per-day-basis at a reasonable rate. It is in operation from morning through afternoon. This program is more than babysitting. Phoenix Society contracts with a specialized expert childcare group  each year to staff the program for our  littlest attendees. They provide equipment, toys and activities and experienced trained personnel for the infants through preschoolers. It is comforting for parents to know their children are safe and having fun at the same time the parents are able to immerse themselves in the adult program.

Phoenx UBelong wanted the young children to experience elements of the themed programs offered to the school aged and teenage kids. I am an eleven year volunteer at Phoenix WBC and I have watched and participated in the planning and growth of the children's programs. For the past two years I have brought activities geared to younger children but consistent with the theme of the Phoenix UBELONG program to the daycare setting. This year’s theme emphasizes discovering and being comfortable with being who you are. Each day I will have an activity that allows the preschool kids to be creative and have fun within this theme. They will use puppets, they will help create and engage in role playing. Dressing up and pretending will allow the preschoolers to explore and be themselves. I am certain, like Phoenix WBC itself, the preschool and childcare segment will be enriched and continue to grow. The children will be drawn into the circle of support provided by the Phoenix Society and Phoenix World Burn Congress.

Susan Trentel, Phoenix UBelong volunteer, has had a lifetime career in art, designing toys for major toy companies. Mother of six she brought together these experiences in her development and implementation of arts and crafts programs to the Phoenix World Burn community.

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