Phoenix Supporters Come Together With A Challenge

Jim Pauley and his wife pose for a portrait in front of a window overlooking a city at night.


Jim Pauley, president and CEO of NFPA, is one of the donors who came together at Phoenix WBC 2017 to create a match pool of $165,000. For the duration of the Never Alone Campaign, every gift under $10,000 will be matched dollar for dollar. 

Until coming to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) more than three years ago, I had never heard of the Phoenix Society.  Since that time my wife, Lisa, and I have had the opportunity to attend the last three Phoenix World Burn Congresses. Each one has been an amazing experience. It is quite moving to see not only the interactions between burn survivors but to witness the spirit by which each and every one handle their own unique circumstances. 

As the Never Alone Campaign got underway, it was easy for us to make the connection between what had been unfolding before our eyes at Phoenix WBC and the organization’s need for increased resources to meet the varied and increasing needs of the burn community.

Now you might think our decision to support the Never Alone Campaign as part of the match program was born out of connecting the dots of what we saw happening at Phoenix WBC and the need, but it is much deeper for us. 

My mother was a burn survivor. She was burned at age eight (the 1940s) when her nightgown caught on fire from a cigarette that had been discarded in a couch. We saw later in her life how she continued to live with her burn injury – she was truly a burn survivor. We lost my mom in 2011 so she never had the chance to get to know the Phoenix Society.

We are convinced that if she had, she would have made a great advocate for the burn community. It is from that viewpoint we decided to give some of what we have been blessed with to help others find the key part of the healing equation that Phoenix Society provides.

Invest in Phoenix Society and the burn community’s future here. Your imapct will be doubled!

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