New PSA With Burn-Injured Firefighters Describes What Peer Support Means to Them

The healing journey of a burn injured firefighter can have its unique challenges. We understand how the healing paths of the firefighter survivor and their family can be vastly different.

The firefighter survivor often hopes to return to the profession where the burn injury occurred, while family members may struggle with the fear of loss. The physical recovery is challenging, but psychological recovery can be overwhelming.

Watch personal testimonials from our new PSA with real burn-injured firefighters and others who describe what peer support means to them:

How Phoenix SOAR Helps

Phoenix SOAR helps burn-injured firefighters and their families:

  • Gain understanding of what life looks like after a burn injury
  • Learn what to expect from the psychological impact of burn trauma and the process of emotional healing
  • Speed and strengthen recovery - gaining hope from a peer supporter at a challenging time
  • Ensure connection to a caring community and resources – so burn survivors and their families do not travel the road of recovery alone

The sooner burn survivors connect to resources and support from someone who’s “been there”, the sooner they can get back to living. 

Find more information at or contact us  or call us for support at 800-888-2876.

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