Meet Molly Rand

Molly Rand comes to Phoenix Society from The Nature Conservancy in Illinois, where she was Director of Philanthropy. Her background includes 25 years of progressive experience in fundraising, including eight years as a consultant.

Molly is a firm believer that a culture of philanthropy is vital to success, providing the opportunity to raise transformational investments. Below, learn about her hopes for her new position as Phoenix Society’s Director of Philanthropy.


Molly Rand, wearing a hat and sunglasses, smiles in front of a beautiful mountain vista.


What drew you to Phoenix Society?

I’m a mission-driven person and I want to make the world a better place. This is a new sector for me, and I had never heard of Phoenix Society, but the stories and programs drew me in. As I got to know the organization and the people I wanted to be a part of it. Phoenix Society is a healthy organization positioned for growth, with high energy about the future. I really appreciated the recognition that culture is critical to the success of the organization – something I really felt as I got to know Amy and others. She is very inspirational and I know I can learn a lot from her.

What are you most excited about in your new position?

Working with the staff and board to advance the mission and achieve new levels of impact. I want to take the success of the Never Alone Campaign, and carry the momentum forward to a robust philanthropy program that ensures the long-term growth and success of Phoenix Society. I’m excited to build relationships with current and future supporters invested in serving the burn community and meeting everyone who cares about advancing the organization. It’s such a treat for a development professional to work with an Executive Director who makes fundraising a priority, loves it, and is great at it!

What talents are you looking forward to sharing with our community?

My passion is working with donors to help them realize their philanthropic vision and goals for impact – there is nothing better than working with a donor to help them achieve the impact they want to make in the world, while also advancing programs that advance the mission/impact of an organization. Finding that connection is a very special thing. In addition, I look forward to building a strategic and sustainable fundraising program.

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