Looking Forward

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is at a pivotal point in our organization’s history. Comprehensive analysis and assessment has shown our current way of operating and delivering our services can’t keep up with the needs of our community. We’re scaling our programs and finding innovative ways to reach more survivors, but we won’t settle for reaching just a segment of those who need support.

Not when it’s possible for every single person impacted by a burn injury to have access to transformational healing.

By building on our founder’s passion for peer support, we’ll reach more – connect more – and mobilize our community for action. We will be greater than we’ve been before.


A family laughs together at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2016.


What does this look like?

We’ll build the capacity for our leadership to effect global change.

We are re-envisioning our business model to ensure transformational healing now and into the future. By building human and operations infrastructure, our organization can expand and sustain our vision, partnerships, and resources.

We’ll tell our story.

Too many survivors have “stumbled” upon the Phoenix Society after suffering alone for years. We plan to initiate targeted marketing and communications so everyone impacted by a burn injury knows that they belong to our community and that help is waiting for them. They will be able to access our life-changing support services and programs – and tell their own stories of hope and healing.

We’ll connect survivors to hope, healing, and happiness.

We are expanding our programming and developing new content with input from world class experts, our knowledge from nearly 40 years of working with burn survivors and families, the latest research and data, and – most importantly – survivors themselves. By designing content specifically for those we serve, we can provide focused programs and resources to each unique group within the burn community.

We’ll build a diverse, connected community.

Our programs are only valuable to those who can reach them. We’re embracing technology to develop new, innovative forms of program delivery. We’ll increase access to Phoenix Society’s critical resources, content, and support services. We’ll reach more people in more places — especially remote locations – and scale our programs effectively and efficiently.

We’ll embrace the power of we.

We’ll collaborate with other like-minded organizations and attract world class experts. By connecting the right voices to the Phoenix Society’s mission, we can work in harmony to tackle key issues, achieve our vision, and expand our reach.

We’ll advocate for our community with a united voice.

By uniting the burn community, Phoenix Society will strengthen advocacy for burn prevention, improved quality care, additional research, and advancements that enhance survivors’ quality of life. All over the world, our collective voice will be a powerful force for change.

We’ll ask for help – and know that it’s a sign of strength.

A burn survivor can’t make the journey alone, and neither can the Phoenix Society. To carry our vision forward, we need you: our community, our volunteers, our partners. Join the movement.


This article is an excerpt from the 2016 Annual Report. To read the full report, click here.

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