Greater Than: Our Rally Cry

Amy Acton, RN, BSN
Phoenix SocietyExecutive Director


Two people hugging with a "Greater Than" symbol in the background. The text reads "Community is greater than isolation."


If you are treated in a U.S. burn center today, there is a 96% chance you will live. When I was working as a burn nurse in the late 1980s, that wasn’t the case. As recently as the mid-1970s, people were unlikely to survive a burn that covered more than 20% of their bodies.

Thanks to medical advances, people survive burn injuries they never used to. But as we know, it’s not enough to survive. Survivors and their families must find a way to thrive again, so the need for Phoenix Society’s services continues to grow.

The Future is Greater Than the Past

I am constantly amazed at the resilience and spirit of those in our community who have fought back from a burn injury with grace and courage. As we look to the future, Phoenix Society’s promise is simple: you are greater than. In the face of injury and pain, we come alongside each other to remind ourselves that we are greater than this single event in our lives. Our future is greater than our past.

Hope Is Greater Than Despair

Over the last 20 years, I have had the honor of seeing so many people embark on their healing journeys. Often those new to our community are searching for the next step forward, a way to be whole again. With the support of others who have walked a similar journey, they soon discover that they are so much greater than their pain. When I watch them rise to accomplish things they never thought possible, I am filled with joy. I truly believe that these moments when someone finds hope, maybe for the first time since their burn injury, are the lifeblood of our community of transformational healing.

Community is Greater Than Isolation

Phoenix Society was created because one person believed community is greater than isolation. I am honored to help carry Alan’s vision forward. What keeps me so motivated is thinking about those who are without support. I’m lucky have a team of staff, board members, and volunteers working tirelessly at my side to achieve Alan’s vision. But that’s not enough – and I know our team agrees –when there are still so many without access to resources and support. We must be greater than the growing need. And to achieve that, we need greater support. We need you.

A Movement is Greater Than One Person

The vision of Phoenix Society is to unite the voice of the burn community across the globe to profoundly advance lifelong healing, optimal recovery, and burn prevention.

That’s a big, audacious vision. Some might say it’s unattainable.

But as individuals impacted by burns and fire, we have a deep knowledge of what it takes to reach goals others believe are impossible. We understand that in the face of hardship, we rise. To survive and thrive, we’ve tapped into a strength many can’t begin to imagine.

By capturing that strength and uniting behind a common purpose, our community can become one of the most formidable groups for change in the world.

You are greater than. We are greater than. Together, we can achieve our vision.

How to Join the Movement

  1. Get informed. If you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with our programs and resources so you can be an ambassador to those who need support.
  2. Spread the word. Share our community of transformational healing with the thousands who still walk their journey alone. Follow Phoenix Society on Facebook to share resources, personal stories, and messages of support.
  3. Invest in healing. As you consider your annual giving, think about supporting Phoenix Society’s programs and resources with a gift to our capacity campaign.


This story is an excerpt from The Phoenix Society’s® Burn Support Magazine, Issue 3, 2017.  Burn Support Magazine is a tri-annual publication that contains articles on the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of burn recovery.  All Rights Reserved.

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