Former Firefighter Using Education Grant to Continue Helping Others

An on-the-job accident forced Brooke into early retirement from her dream career: firefighting. Her near-death experience caused serious burn injuries and placed her in a medically induced coma.

Brooke Linman, burn survivor, firefighterBrooke will now put her passion for helping others to use by counseling other burn victims and people with posttraumatic stress disorder.

“I have always been pulled toward public service. My injury, while closing the door to a career on a fire truck, showed me a whole new community I didn’t even know existed,” she said.

After attending several Phoenix World Burn Congresses and other events for burn survivors, Brooke realized this new community could also provide her a new beginning.

“I realized every time I spoke on behalf of burn survivors or just told my story to someone who asked, I felt wonderful,” Brooke said. “I felt able to not just give back, but maybe to help someone on the first leg of their road to a new normal.”

Brooke is now pursuing a degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. Once she completes that goal, she hopes to take her education to the next level by continuing on to graduate school, so she will be able to help on a more clinical level.

Brooke is also a busy mom to four children (Ciara, Phoenix, Brandt and Gage). Phoenix was born on the one-year anniversary of Brooke waking up from her medically induced coma.

“His name represents the fire I walked through to get him, the new life I now held.”

She is grateful for everyone who helped her on the path to recovery and looks forward to her new career providing assistance to others.

“When I was a firefighter, my favorite moments were those seconds when I got to an injured person, in the midst of the worst day of his or her life, and I told them I was there and I was going to help them. I want to do that for other burn survivors or those suffering from PTSD.”

Story contributed  with permission by AlloSource, one of the nation’s largest non-profit providers of skin, bone, and soft tissue allografts for use in surgical procedures and the world’s largest processor of cellular bone allografts.  AlloSource has pledged a 10-year gift to support Phoenix Society’s Phoenix Education Grant program for burn survivor students pursuing their post-secondary education.  AlloSource blog:

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daizy    Moderate:
6:05am - Apr 19, 2015

Hi Brooke

I read yr story and would like to talk to u
I am a burn survivor too and still have great difficulties to except my injuries
even after all these yrs
Growing up in an Extreme Dysfunctional family I have never been able to accept my burns
They are a harness   all around my torso, which restrict me in nearly all movements
I am totally isolated from Family& friends
Along the way I have also been Abused on number of occasions due my non existent confident and self esteem. I did manage to bring 3 beautiful children into this world but also into my life of struggles. They know how I struggle but there is little they can do
I don’t have any support
I feel I have been slipping through the net for most of my life
Never had any support (Emotionally nor mentally) while growing up. Only a abusive fam.
My story is pretty upsetting for others to hear but I was hoping we could talk
Kind Regards and wishing u all the best