Facing the Future - Tools to Help Survivors “Get Back to Living”

Barbara Kammerer Quayle is an purposeful dynamo who conveys a sense of dignity, compassion, and keen perception–all at the same time.  And a sense of authority.  She is a former school teacher after all. Barbara is also a burn survivor who through her own sense of purpose and awareness, pioneered an essential set of tools that could be used by all burn survivors to easily manage questions and stares, and to project an image of social confidence anytime and anywhere.

In one of the most sought after Phoenix World Burn Congress pre-Congress workshops, burn survivors had the opportunity to learn critical social skills and practice some of those skills with the tools developed by Barbara Kammerer Quayle.

Tony Gonzalez, Barbara Kammerer Quayle, and Mona Krueger lead a powerful session on social skills at Phoenix WBC 2015.These tools have evolved into Phoenix Society's social skills training program Beyond Surviving Tools for Thriving After a Burn Injury and are offered to survivors, families, and burn care professionals as a core session at Phoenix World Burn Congress every year. 

Barbara facilitated the session with Mona Kreuger and Tony Gonzalez and together, the 3 burn survivors provided a power-packed workshop that:

  • Provided the "tools' for survivors and their loved ones to get back to living after a burn injury 
  • Enabled survivors to successfully feel comfortable and confident in any social, work, or school setting
  • Offered common sense, specific, and smart ways to confidently manage stares, startled glances, abrupt questions, and whispers

Tony and Mona shared their personal insight and practical application of these tools during the session as survivors that use these tools themselves in their daily lives. 

Beyond Surviving Tools for Thriving After a Burn Injury is also available as a convenient online training course for Phoenix Society Online Community members!

Find more information about Beyond Surviving, or login to view the online training course now!

Read more about Barbara's work with Phoenix Society's "Beyond Surviving Tools for Thriving After a Burn Injury" course, as was recently featured in a Burn Support Magazine article, Issue 2, 2015, "Program That Has Helped Thousands Began With One Survivor's Need to Get Back to Living."

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