Exhausted From Caring for a Burn-Injured Loved One?

Exhausted Woman Sleeping on Couch

Is caring for a burn injured loved one leaving you running on empty? The “cost” of caring for someone that is recovering from burn injuries is high and can take a huge toll on the caregiver. Suddenly you are faced with shifts in household schedules, new responsibilities, and emotional stress—in addition to your fulltime, ongoing responsibilities of everyday life.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting; both physically and emotionally.  This is called compassion fatigue.

A caregiver is a survivor, too.  As someone who cares about and cares for a burn survivor, you are very much surviving the injury, treatment, and all that comes with it!  The physical and emotional toll of caring for a victim of burn injury means you need to take care of yourself, too. Doing so will prevent burnout and help you best continue caring for your loved one.

Remember, your efforts make all the difference in the world.  You matter. 

Read 8 tips offered by Carly Bowers, wife and caregiver of a burn survivor, for finding balance, self-care, and other tips to help you help yourself...

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