Engage, Connect, Learn: The Future of Phoenix Society Programs

Written by: Pam Peterson, Program Director


In 2017 we set a goal: unite the voice of the burn community across the globe so anyone impacted by a burn injury will know Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is here to help them thrive again. As Phoenix Society transforms, we are expanding and developing innovative new programs. With our community’s guidance, we identified gaps in our services and opportunities to provide better access to ensure no one has to go through a burn injury alone. 

To support our vision, Phoenix Society is committed to growing personal, transformative, peer-to-peer communities; increasing the scale of our high impact programs through innovation, technology, and continued community involvement; and providing accessible just-in-time education and resources.


What’s Happening in 2019

We are beginning a three-year strategic shift from a direct service provider to a global connector. Our community’s needs are the foundation of our transition, which will allow for greater scale and impact.

We have built a three-year plan based on three primary pillars, which are designed to support the burn community through their healing journey and recovery process. 


Pillar #1: Engage

We aim to expand access to the burn community and Phoenix Society’s global network of resources and support. Our team is developing new and current programs to reach more people. 

Phoenix World Burn Congress (WBC) is a key program, and the world's largest gathering of the burn community. By broadening our offerings through Phoenix WBC, we’ll build a stronger program and meet the needs of more within our community. 


What this means for you: 

  • You’ll have touchpoints and connections throughout the conference and even after you go home.
  • You’ll have access to a meaningful virtual experience so you can experience the healing magic of Phoenix WBC, even if you can’t be there in person.
  • Your conference experience will be enhanced by an online management system – including seamless registration and even an app!


Pillar #2: Connect

Our team strives to expand survivor, family, and professional access to evidence-based peer support. Peer support is critical to the recovery process, and our team is developing pathways to offer more. 

We will be expanding programs such as Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) to reach more people and provide better support. 


What this means for you:

  • Our current peer support network will be enhanced with new and improved training materials, so you’re better prepared to help our community.
  •  Our programs will be more visible, ensuring more hospitals understand the power of peer support, so we can help more families and survivors around the globe.
  • Our peer support network will have more opportunities to engage with Phoenix Society and the burn community all year long. 


Pillar #3: Learn

We aim to increase survivor, family, and professional access to evidence-based resources, support, and learning opportunities to improve aftercare and recovery. Our community is located around the world, with different needs and challenges, so we are developing robust tools to offer online training and resources with better individual access. 


What this means for you:

  • You’ll have more ways to connect to Phoenix Society’s resources, support, and educational tools.
  • Our new systems will make sure you can connect with Phoenix Society, no matter who you are, where you live, or what language you speak.
  • You’ll have access to learning tools supporting your professional development.


Our Program Team

Our vision is driven by you – our community – and it’s ambitious. To reach our goals and deliver these new experiences, connections, and resources, Phoenix Society has expanded our programs team. Each staff member will play a specific role supporting one of our three pillars.

I am so excited for this team, along with support from Phoenix Fellows and the rest of Phoenix Society’s staff, to be able to provide better access to new and expanded resources in a larger global capacity.


Looking Ahead

On behalf of Phoenix Society’s team, I want to thank our community for support. You told us what was needed, what was missing, and what we are doing well. You continue to support us with your time, talent, and treasure. Our community, our vision, and our goals are leading us to grow our peer-to-peer communities, expand our high impact programs, and provide accessible education and resources. Phoenix Society is lucky to have a strong community partnered with us to achieve these goals. Over the next three years, we will make a difference in so many more lives, all around the world.

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