Don’t Know How to React to Burn Survivors and Burn Scars?  Just Smile

We invite you to view the new public service announcement (PSA) for burn survivors and the general public created by the LIBRE: Life Impact Burn Recovery Evaluation team. This PSA was coordinated in collaboration with the Phoenix Society and the LIBRE team at Boston University School of Public Health as part of an ongoing project to help improve the life-long challenges of burn recovery—so that those affected by burn injuries may transition from burn victim to burn survivors and thrivers.

This video does a great job demonstrating the social challenges encountered by burn survivors and offers a simple tip to the public and burn survivors for increasing social awareness and creating a more accepting environment.



LIBRE is a research study being conducted by Boston University School of Public Health in collaboration with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.  The LIBRE project aims to measure the social impact burn injury has on daily life through the creation of an innovative computer based questionnaire.  The LIBRE questionnaire will focus in the areas of work life, community and social life, romantic relationships and relationships with family and friends.

With this computer-based tool, our goal is for clinicians and consumers to be able to track the functional recovery and  social integration of burn survivors in the community, their short- and long-term status, and then to apply the measurement tool to new rehabilitation interventions - so that burn survivors and their loved ones can get back to living fulfilling lives.

Learn more about LIBRE


Our thanks to the LIBRE team for helping to increase social awarness and social acceptance of burn injuries and physical differences!

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