Donor Spotlight: Integra LifeSciences

A father and two children, one of whom wears pressure garments, at Phoenix WBC.


In the 1980s, Phoenix Society founder Alan Breslau was the lone voice advocating for long-term recovery services for the burn community. At the same time, a few burn surgeons were doing ground-breaking research into new ways to heal burn wounds.

Since the 1990s, Integra has been helping surgeons like these in their important work of saving lives.

As the Phoenix Society grew into a leading non-profit for burn survivors and their families, Integra grew to become a global leader of innovative medical technologies. With roots in the same community, the two organizations have histories, missions, and values that are deeply intertwined and complementary.

With its extensive expertise of regenerative technologies, Integra knows healing isn’t over when a survivor leaves the hospital. Through its partnership with the Phoenix Society, Integra supports patients long after the acute phase of care when Integra’s products impact burn treatment.

Integra has been a committed sponsor of Phoenix World Burn Congress since 2001. Its support has been vital in helping Phoenix Society create a place where thousands have discovered they can do more than survive—they can thrive.

Recently, Integra became a lead corporate donor in the Phoenix Society’s Never Alone Campaign to sustain the Phoenix Society’s innovative program expansion and advocacy.

“The burn teams depend on Integra’s innovative technologies to give those affected with burn injuries the best possible outcomes and enhance their quality-of-life,” said Peter Arduini, president and CEO of Integra. “We recognize the burn survivors’ recovery process is a long journey. We are pleased to work alongside the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors to help build the infrastructure and create more programs to provide burn survivors with the resources and tools they need.” 


This article is an excerpt from the 2016 Annual Report. To view the complete report, click here.

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