Connecting from 9,000 Miles Away

Four years ago, Eileyn Chua suffered serious burns on 80% of her body. After more than a year in the hospital, Eileyn went home with limited resources to help her heal. She is from Malaysia, where burn survivors do not have adequate support for their journey.


Shortly after Eileyn’s burn injury, her sister went searching for support and information on how to help. She found Phoenix Society’s website and introduced Eileyn to Peer Support Chat in early 2017. At first, Eileyn was apprehensive about joining the chat as she wondered if a non-US citizen would fit in. Her fears quickly vanished by the welcoming and friendly online community she had just found. Eileyn is now a regular attendant of Phoenix Society’s weekly Peer Support Chat. 


Peer Support Chat is a weekly forum for burn survivors and their loved ones to connect from anywhere. The chat is hosted every Wednesday from 9 – 10:30 p.m. EST on Facebook. Peer Support Chat covers common issues and questions, and anyone in the burn community is welcome to attend. 

Eileyn is thankful for the online support and community, especially since there are no similar resources in Malaysia. 


“The sharing of information and ideas among the burn survivors throughout the years has helped me to find ways to help heal in my burn survivor journey,” Eileyn said. “More importantly, talking to other burn survivors gives me hope that there is life after the burn.” 


Additionally, last year, Eileyn had the opportunity to join Phoenix World Burn Congress (WBC) through the new Virtual Experience. Virtual attendees are able to join the conference online and watch sessions live. 

Moving forward, Eileyn is excited to go back to work and bring burn community support to Malaysia. Eileyn is grateful for the support she has from the burn community, friends, and family and she hopes to help others. She hopes to become a Phoenix SOAR Coordinator and start local support groups – so that others can receive the resources and assistance they need.

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Itisha    Moderate:
12:04am - Jul 16, 2019

This is so inspiring. I am from India and have been reading about Phoenix online. I am really eager to be part of it. I am struggling in my own way and need support from my kind of people.