#BurnsAreBeautiful: How Kechi embraced her Scars

When Kechi Okwuchi amazed the judges in the America’s Got Talent auditions, burn survivors all over the world swelled with pride. As she advanced all the way to the finals, Kechi demonstrated again and again that she is proud of who she is: a survivor.

Hoping to share her empowering story, Phoenix Society asked Kechi about her own journey of self-love.

What did she tell us?

Beauty always shines through.


Kechi leans against her dresser in front of a mirror. There is a wig to her left and an old-fashioned TV to her right.


“I was in a plane crash when I was 16, which caused 3rd degree burns over 65% of my body. What worried me the most after my accident was the reactions of friends and family. Would they ever be able to see past my scars? Or would they be able to recognize that scars or not, I was the same Kechi they knew and loved?

I will never forget the first time I saw my old high school friends after the plane crash. After a few minutes of catching up and telling jokes, one of them suddenly exclaimed, “She’s still the same old, silly Kechi!” and the relief and happiness in his voice was palpable. 

That memory signifies one of the most meaningful moments of my life as a burn survivor because I realized something important: "The real Kechi shines through her scarred exterior every day, and she is strong and beautiful."”

— Kechi Okwuchi, Phoenix World Burn Congress Attendee


Now it’s your turn.


We want to hear your story. Where are you on your journey of self-love? What makes you feel beautiful? In the next issue of Burn Support Magazine, Phoenix Society will feature ten empowering photos of survivors embracing their scars.

How to enter:

  • Share your photo and your story on social media
  • Use the hashtag #burnsarebeautiful and tag our page
  • If you’re at Phoenix World Burn Congress, stop by the #BurnsAreBeautiful photo station in the Exhibitor Hall! But don't worry, you don't have to be at the conference to enter.

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sara    Moderate:
11:51am - Jul 29, 2019

I love reading these experiences. After my burns, I was depressed and my self esteem was low. ... Wish I was more aware of other burn survivors and their experiences at the beginning of my journey…or may be I was still in denial… today I am happy, confident and proud of my scars and don’t hide them any more…

GlennBarnes    Moderate:
3:32pm - Jul 28, 2019

The most touching story i have ever read. I really love your confidence and beauty of your inner soul. The braveness you have gained through this plane crash is amazing. I really loved your testimony and would like to share this kind of experiences on my https://www.topratedessayservice.com/proessaywriting-com-review/ blog. It’s very motivating and inspiring as well.

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6:49am - Dec 26, 2018

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m1402    Moderate:
1:15pm - Oct 1, 2017

hello kechi i was very inspired when you went on america’s got talent i thought you were amazing. my name is marinna and im not a burn victim but i am doing a project for school and i was wondering if you would answer some questions for me? if interested please email me @marinnas1402@gmail.com