#BurnsAreBeautiful: How I Found Self Love

Bosnian native, Indira Husic, was injured at 6 months old when hot coffee spilled on her. At 33, she revealed her scars for the first time and became an advocate for self-love.


Indira Husic, a burn survivor, smiles into the distance. She wears a large black hat.


#BurnsAreBeautiful: How I Found Self Love

by Indira Husic


“Love makes the world go around” is something we all hear but don’t always practice. Our individual journeys can fog our sight and prevent us from truly seeing the love around us — or more importantly, within us.

It wasn’t until my 100% devotion to myself that I recognized that the love within me made my world go around.

There are number of ways to create a relationship with yourself, and I did it by challenging myself in ways I didn’t think were possible. Here's how I accomplished self-love and self-respect:

1. I ran a marathon

Physical and mental challenge. After months of hard work, you grow admiration and respect for your own body — despite your burns and scars. You see what your body is capable of. The strong machine that it is. I was so focused on my overall being and the control I had when running, my scars became less visible to me.


Indira stretches in a field of golden grass.


2. I went on adventures

The biggest gift I’ve ever given myself was traveling to some amazing countries and different cultures. I learned that, even with my burns, I still had a better life than a lot of people around the world. It was a slap in a face for me. Here I was, crying about my burns when many struggle to put food on the table. A 14 day trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp is what sealed it all for me. No cell phones, no TV, no showers, few options for food, sleeping in the cold, and long days of walking in high altitudes. This experience is something I’ll never forget. I call it Soul Awakening with breathtaking views.


3. I set boundaries

I sat down and wrote a list of things I did not like in my life and things I did. Don’t be afraid to say no. Surround yourself with people who build you up and appreciate you for you.


Indira sitting on a stool, smiling. Scars are visible on her thighs.

4. I practiced self-care

Take care of your health and hygiene. Treat your body for what it is: the only body you’ll ever get. I watched my diet and focused on good nutrition. I also started caring more about fashion, not for others but for myself. I started to enjoy it. I feel good when I am nicely dressed, and I love accessorizing my burns.


5. I forgave myself

I can’t change what happened to me or change how I reacted to bullies in the past. But I have accepted it as part of my growth. Part of the one and only unique me. The good and the bad —all of it — is me. 


Regardless of how you chose to reconnect with yourself, the self-love you are looking for is there. Put down all your distractions, stare out the window and listen to your soul.


Indira stands with her arms outstretched, looking out at mountains and sky.



Not everyone can run marathons or climb mountains, but Phoenix Society is devoted to helping survivors get back to living. Here are a few programs to support you on your journey:

  • The Wellness Center at Phoenix World Burn Congress will offer daily programming including meditation, chair and mat yoga, massage, and more.
  • Beyond Surviving: Tools for Thriving after a Burn Injury: a free online course designed to help burn survivors get back to living after a burn injury, offering valuable and practical skills to help you live with confidence as a burn survivor.
  • Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery): a hospital-based, one-on-one peer support program that connects people with new burn injuries to survivors or family members who have been impacted by a burn injury.
  • Burn Support Magazine: each issue includes features on recovering burn survivors; articles about the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of burn recovery; and information about burn prevention programs, safety legislation, and the burn community.

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