Breslau Award Recipient 2017: Pat Horan

Pat Horan and Delwyn Breslau pose with the Breslau award at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2017.


The Alan and Delwyn Breslau Award is the highest distinction the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors can bestow and honors a Society member who has, through a collaborative spirit, significantly enhanced the ability of the Society to fulfill its mission of peer support, education, and advocacy. This year's recipient is Pat Horan.

In 1996, Pat Horan suffered an electrical injury and third degree burns over 60% of his body. His long hospitalization was followed by a rigorous rehabilitation. A year after his injury, Pat’s wife insisted he call a number she’d found for an organization called Phoenix Society.

“I was very reluctant. I wasn’t sure what the Phoenix Society was, so I kept putting it off,” said Pat. “Finally I decided I'd call, but I was going to call around 8:30 at night, hoping that nobody would answer. Much to my surprise, I dialed the number…and Alan answers the phone. For 45 minutes, he listened to my concerns and my complaints and my recovery.”

Before hanging up, Alan insisted that Pat come to Phoenix World Burn Congress.

“He didn’t tell me what to expect, but he said, ‘You’re going to leave a much better person than when you arrived.”

Pat took Alan at his word and traveled to Philadelphia two months later for the conference.

“I’ve been involved with the Phoenix Society for a long time,” said Pat upon accepting the award at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2017. “It’s because of Alan’s vision of burn survivors helping other burn survivors in recovery and reintegrating back into society.”

Since that first phone call, Pat has shown enthusiastic and visionary service to Phoenix Society and the burn community at large. His leadership, financial, and volunteer support over the last 12 years has been pivotal as Phoenix Society has grown from a small nationally focused organization to a global leader in expanding psychosocial recovery resources.

Pat has championed the work of the Phoenix Society, served on the Phoenix Board of Directors and as board president during a time of growth, and led Phoenix Society’s largest capacity campaign to date. Pat has demonstrated focus and a commitment to help thousands of burn survivors and their loved ones to not only survive but to thrive. 


This story is an excerpt from The Phoenix Society’s® Burn Support Magazine, Issue 3, 2017.  Burn Support Magazine is a tri-annual publication that contains articles on the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of burn recovery.  All Rights Reserved.

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