Breakout Session on the Subject of Sexuality and Intimacy Offered at Phoenix WBC Session

"Will my relationships with others be different?"  "Will my significant other still want to be with me?" - OR - "Will anyone be attracted to me with the way I now look?"

These are many of the questions and ensuing discussions that occurred at the "Getting in Touch with Sexuality and Intimacy After a Burn Injury" session offered at Phoenix World Burn Congress.  Facilitated by Ruth Rimmer, PhD, CLCP, and Cindy Rutter, BSN, MFTI, the session addressed the difficulty burn survivors and their partners may have talking about sexuality and intimacy. 

"Changes in your self-image and self-esteem are very common feelings following a burn injury", Cindy said.  She explained that fear of rejection and frustration or anger with the changes in our bodies may place pressure and strain on a relationship - or may cause us to question if we will be able to develop new relationships.  Ruth and Cindy, with the panelists, explored the emotional, biological, psychological, and social dimensions of intimacy and offered personal insight into the topic with questions and answers from the audience.

Ruth and Cindy recently co-authored an article on "Intimacy and Sexuality After Burn Injury" in Phoenix Society's Burn Support Magazine, Issue 2, 2015.  Read the article for more information and tips on relationships and intimacy, or for your convenience, you may download the article or find more information from our website's Resources Library.


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