Becoming a Phoenix Champion

The Phoenix family is our greatest strength. To build a community of transformational healing, we rely on people who believe in our shared vision of a future where no one recovers from a burn injury alone. 


On behalf of Phoenix Society, members of our community are launching personal social media campaigns to raise funds and awareness of the burn community. These are our Phoenix Champions – and their enthusiasm for the mission has been infectious. This year, the Phoenix Champions have collectively raised $13,000 to support Phoenix Society programming. 

“The response from my friends and family to my campaign has been overwhelming,” said Scott Denman, a Phoenix Champion who raised over $10,000. “When I started I thought my fundraising goal was too lofty, but now I know I can get there with the help of my family and friends.”


“We received a scholarship to Phoenix World Burn Congress,” said Feike Van Djik, who hopes to raise $5,000. “Now my family is raising funds to pay it forward for others.”

Joining Phoenix Champions is a powerful way to use your story and your voice to advance the needs of the global community. You can easily create a personalized webpage where you can raise funds. We even have a toolkit with helpful tips for reaching your goal!


To make your fundraising page visit our Mobile App page and click “Start a Fundraiser” or email Martha Boks for help getting started. 

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