7 Reasons to Support Phoenix Society

Why Phoenix Society?

When you give to Phoenix Society, you join our movement to ensure no one is forced to recover from a burn injury alone. For over 40 years, Phoenix Society has connected anyone impacted by a burn injury to a healing community of support – with resources and tools for a lifelong journey of healing. Nothing heals people like other people.

Our Mission

Building a Community for Transformational Healing

Amy Acton, Executive Director, joins the community for a celebratory walk during Phoenix WBC.


7 Reasons to Give to Phoenix Society

  1. Phoenix World Burn Congress: Phoenix WBC is the world's largest gathering of the burn community, connecting attendees with support, resources, and each other. Your gift can help bring people together!
  2. Phoenix SOAR® (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery): In more than 70 burn centers across the country, Phoenix SOAR makes sure every burn survivor has a shoulder to lean on and a friend who's walked this journey before. Your gift can help ensure no one recovers alone!
  3. Burn Support Magazine: Three times a year, Burn Support Magazine brings expert knowledge and inspiring stories right to our community's mailboxes. Your gift can inform and empower the burn community!
  4. Phoenix Advocates: Our trained survivor advocates lend their voices to efforts for burn prevention, optimal recovery, and acceptance of those with scars. Your gift can support survivors telling their stories with power!
  5. Phoenix Kids + Teens: We offer programs for healing, connection, and school re-entry for young burn survivors, their siblings, and family members affected by burn injury or traumatic loss. Your gift can support the youngest members of our community!
  6. Phoenix Education Grants (PEG) - This national scholarship fund was created for burn survivors pursuing their education. Your gift can help burn survivor students reach their dreams!
  7. Resource Library: With survivor stories and articles about physical, emotional, and social recovery, Phoenix Society's resource library makes life-saving information accessible to those who need it most. Your gift can help us reach more people around the world!

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7 Reasons Our Donors Matter

  1. “Phoenix Society gives me a place where I don’t have to feel self-conscious about my scars. Here I am one of many.”
  2. What an amazing community I have discovered! Who knew after 11 years in burn care, I would have gained an amazing burn family both at home and abroad, I truly feel so very blessed and filled. Filled with love, filled with hope, and filled with compassion for my fellow burn family. Let us continue on daily to rise above!”
  3. “The Phoenix Society effects me the same way the Avatar’s friends affected Ang. He was a young boy facing the world, the entire Fire Nation. He was afraid, wanting to run away, wanting to hide from it. The same way I tend to hide from the outside world. A lot of times I feel alone. Feeling too small to face the world, but the Phoenix Society are the friends to let me know that I am not alone. They encourage me to not only be courageous but to help me face the world.”
  4. “Life is GOOD!! Life is Beautiful! Ever since my burn injury, I’ve been so humbled and grateful to be part of the Phoenix Society. A community of the most caring people I ever been a part of.”
  5. “This year’s Phoenix WBC served as an inspiration to me in so many ways. Hearing about the encouraging aspects of the break out sessions to volunteering reminded me how much our lives are intertwined with one another.”
  6. “Phoenix Society gives me hope, encourages me, and inspires me to keep thriving in the burn community.”
  7. “As a burn nurse, this conference helps center me spiritually and guide my care throughout the rest of the year. I truly believe in order to be a compassionate burn nurse, one must attend this conference. Every burn center should send representatives to experience Phoenix WBC... I believe ALL of us get to experience transformational healing here. Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity.”

Join us on #GivingTuesday and invest in the burn community! Your donation helps us support the burn community and advocate for burn prevention, burn recovery, and acceptance of those with scars.

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