5 Reasons to Attend Phoenix World Burn Congress

A group of young adults high-fiving at Phoenix World Burn Congress


Hosted by Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Phoenix World Burn Congress is the world's largest gathering of the burn community, connecting attendees with support, resources, and each other. For many, it is the first chance to connect with others on the journey of recovery from a burn injury. New this year, you can attend in-person or virtually.

If Phoenix WBC isn’t already on your calendar, here are five reasons to save the date:

1. Finding Community

Whether you’re a first-time attendee or an old hat, you’re welcomed with open arms – literally! First-timers, recognizable by the heart stickers on their badges, are greeted by hugs from strangers who often become new friends. (Don’t worry. If you’re not a hugger, you don’t have to wear the sticker!)

What attendees say: “Who knew after 11 years in burn care what an amazing burn family I have both at home and abroad. Filled with love, filled with hope, and filled with compassion for my fellow burn family. Let us continue on to rise above!”

2. Knowledge and Resources

Conference workshops and sessions are developed by experts in the burn community and beyond. This year, we’re introducing three distinct Conference Tracks: Education + Support, Wellness, and Social. You can choose a combination of experiences to get the most out of Phoenix WBC.

What attendees say: “The tools offered by conference speakers gave me a sense of hope and equipped me with tangible methods to employ in daily life. The practical advice concerning open communication and overcoming trauma proved especially helpful in my own experience.” 

3. Coming Full Circle

For every burn survivor, a whole community is affected by their injury. So often, those people don’t get to see how the story ends. Every year, fire service and healthcare professionals tell us that Phoenix WBC gives them a special gift: the chance to see those they saved living their lives, not just surviving but thriving.

What attendees say: "As a burn nurse, Phoenix WBC helps center me spiritually and guide my care throughout the rest of the year. I truly believe in order to be a compassionate burn nurse, one must attend this conference. Every burn center should send representatives to experience Phoenix WBC."

4. Transformational Healing

Phoenix Society’s mission is “building a community of transformational healing” – and Phoenix WBC is that mission come to life. From registration to the closing celebration, every moment is a stepping stone for each attendee move forward in their own journey.

What attendees say: "Phoenix WBC is a place where survivors may feel safe, loved, and supported. Where firefighters and caregivers as well as healthcare professionals may be appreciated and thanked for their support. Where hope can be gained, love can be felt, and encouragement can be found."

5. Renewed Purpose

When the burn community comes together at Phoenix WBC, it’s hard not to think of Phoenix Society’s vision: “uniting the voice of the burn community around the globe to profoundly advance lifelong healing, optimal recovery, and burn prevention.” That’s a bold, audacious vision, and no one can accomplish it alone. Phoenix WBC is a powerful reminder you are not alone, your voice matters, and together, we’re up for the challenge.

What attendees say: “These conferences inspire me on a daily basis to go back to our burn center and help our survivors.”


Register Now

Click here to register online. Early Bird Registration extends through September 3, 2019.

When: October 2-5, 2019. 
Where: Anaheim, CA


Virtual Experience

If you can't join us in person - consider joining us through our Virtual Experience. Through the Phoenix World Burn Congress Live Virtual Experience - find support, education, and community without leaving your home. Watch sessions live, ask questions during virtual Q&A's, and live chat with other members of the burn community through our conference app. Click here to register for the virtual experience.


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