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The Phoenix Society is a community of burn survivors, their loved ones, health professionals, and firefighters. We work together to ensure that no one feels alone as they get back to life after a burn injury. Follow our blog for news on our work, stories of burn survivors, and resources for healing and hope. If you’re ready to share your story, be sure to join our online community for more conversation and connections.


What Can We Do In Our Relationship to Support Healing?

Burn injury to a spouse, significant other, or within a family can create strain on even the healthiest relationships. Without a doubt, the daily challenges of managing burn injuries impact the 'normal' household rhythms or 'normal' roles that we occupy. So what can we do in our relationships to best support healing? Read some helpful strategies and characteristics of a healing relationship offered by Megan Bronson, a board-certified psychiatric mental health clinical nurse specialist, consultant, and psychotherapist...

Be Liberated From Your Story & Inspire Others With Your Story

Feb 5, 2016

We invite you to watch John O'Leary's personal video that he sent our way to share with you in honor of National Burn Awarness Week (February 1-7, 2016). This remarkable video was taped by John in celebration of his 30-year "burn anniversary" and calls to mind the struggle that each burn survivor experiences at the beginning of their journey of recovery. The hard reality is—each burn survivor has their own painful beginning, and their own unique journey of reccovery—but it is not how it the journey has to end. John's acknowledges the painful beginnings, the struggle of the journey, and then offers each and every one of us to 'be liberated from your story, be inspired by your story, and finally—be bold enough to inspire others with that story" Watch John’s inspirational message as he revisits the home of his burn injury and encourages others to ‘Live a Radically Inspired Life’. (Please note some content may be upsetting for some viewers).

John O’Leary Celebrates the Blessings Born from the Tragedy of Fire

Jan 29, 2016

Phoenix Society is immensely excited to welcome John O'Leary, world-renowned motivational speaker and burn survivor, as our newest guest blogger. John writes from the heart—with a unique understanding of the reality of the daily struggle of living with burn injury, to rising above those struggles and offering others real strategies to live inspired lives. He was a keynote speaker at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015 in Indianapolis, IN, and received an overwhelming response from the Phoenix WBC audience. This is John's first post to the Phoenix Society blog and his personal letter to all of you in honor of National Burn Awareness Week to "shine the light on the many gifts in your life today." We hope you enjoy and find inspiration...

Don’t Know How to React to Burn Survivors and Burn Scars?  Just Smile

We invite you to view the new public service announcement (PSA) for burn survivors and the general public created in collaboration with the Phoenix Society and the LIBRE: Life Impact Burn Recovery Evaluation team at Boston University Department of Social Health. This PSA was created as part of an ongoing project to help improve the life-long challenges of burn recovery. This video does a great job demonstrating the social challenges encountered by burn survivors and offers a simple tip to the public and burn survivors for increasing social awareness and creating a more accepting environment.

PEG Helps 16 Students Continue Their Education in 2015-16

Nov 23, 2015

Sixteen burn survivors are furthering their education in 2015-16 with the financial assistance of a Phoenix Education Grant (PEG). The scholarship program was establish 14 years ago when Barbara Kammerer Quayle, a school teacher at the time of her burn injury, had a vision to give survivors the confidence and hope that further education would bring. That year she provided the initial funding for the first national survivor scholarship. Since then, countless donations, including a major commitment by AlloSource, have funded recipients. In 2013, the company, one of the nation's largest nonprofit providers of skin, bone, and soft tissue allografts, pledged a $250,000 donation, which will be made over 10 years, to the PEG program, enabling many more burn survivors to achieve their educational dreams.

Reducing Your Stress Over the Holidays

There is a holiday song that says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Yet, while this may be true for some people, for others, including family and those recovering from a burn injury, the additional pressures of the holiday season can make this time of the year anything but wonder-full. Here are just a few simple de-stressing strategies that could help you and your family find the spirit of celebration and fill it full of the wonder that we hope for each holiday season...

Ways to Stay Connected After Phoenix World Burn Congress

Nov 9, 2015

Phoenix World Burn Congress offers a unique and powerful opportunity for people to personally come together to experience support, increase their knowledge of burn recovery, and share inspiring stories. For many burn survivors, this is their first opportunity to connect with others on the journey of burn recovery. It can be a profound and life-changing experience. So naturally, it can be difficult to transition back to “normal” life after the conference. Some may even experience a “let down” after the conference. Read more about ways to stay connected...

Education Grant Helps Burn Survivor Pursue Career in Nursing

Oct 30, 2015

Betty Wong, a 2015 Phoenix Education Award recipient (PEG), explains that the compassionate treatment she received during the treatment of her burn injury has helped inspire her calling in life, to become a nurse. With that goal—and the help of the recent award of the PEG scholarship, she is pursuing a nursing degree. Read more of Betty’s story…

Jeff Saturday - Giving the Best You’ve Got

Oct 28, 2015

Jeff Saturday knows how important it is to work together with a supportive and collaborative team—especially when the talk turns toward burn recovery and support. His 14-year professional football career included 13 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, one with the Green Bay Packers, 6 Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl. Life’s path also brought the burn injuries of his youngest son and the son of a close family friend. Read more about the lessons of teamwork Jeff shared with the Phoenix WBC 2015 attendees—on and off the field...

Another Great Congress - Thanks to Our Volunteers for Making Phoenix WBC 2015 Possible!

Oct 24, 2015

This year, over 200 volunteers brought their hands together to make Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015 in Indianapolis, such a memorable event... We are inspired by the commitment, heart, and talent that assembles to volunteer for Phoenix World Burn Congress. Our deepest THANKS for all you do! See the photo gallery of volunteers.....

Phoenix Society’s Talent Show Participants Take the Stage!

Oct 24, 2015

Last night’s Phoenix World Burn Congress Talent Show participants inspired the audience with a show of amazing talent! We would like to thank all the participants for their efforts and willingness to share their performances with their fellow attendees and the show emcee,Jen Carmack, for providing her talent as well. Our special thanks to our friends at Bio Oil for sponsoring the talent show event!

Phoenix UBelong Childcare: More Than a Babysitting Service!

Oct 24, 2015

Imagination! Exploration! Learning! Phoenix UBelong supports family-centered care and has purposefully set up our programming so that it is transitional in nature: UBelong Childcare—> UBelong Youth and Teen—> UBelong Young Adults—> UBelong Parents. Read more about our childcare programming offered at Phoenix World Burn Congress...

Phoenix UBelong Finds Creative Ways to Learn and Practice Social Skills

Oct 24, 2015

Social skills and peer mentorship are two of the Phoenix Society’s main platforms. Sometimes a mentor comes along at just the right moment to support us. Read more about how the Phoenix UBelong Youth and Teen participants were able to practice and learn these social skills!

Having Fun With Yoga at Phoenix UBelong

Oct 23, 2015

"Did you know that the way you breathe can change the way your mind and body feel?" Jill Clark enthusiastically said to the UBelong crowd as she led the kids through a series of yoga moves and techniques. Jill is a volunteer with the Phoenix UBelong program and a certified yoga instructor, and she offers the following thoughts to all the participants at the UBelong Yoga sessions:

Session to Understand Addiction and Recovery Offered at Phoenix WBC

Oct 23, 2015

James Bosch and Megan Bronson hosted an insightful session at Phoenix WBC with the discussion topic: "Addiction and Recovery: Understanding the role of Same in Perpetuating the Addictive Process". This session at Phoenix World Burn Congress offered the opportunity for attendees and professionals to discuss, ask questions, and gain understanding of the role of addiction and substance abuse as a survival response to a life-threatening situation such as burn trauma. Read more about the session on our blog - or find information from our online Resources Library.

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