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The Phoenix Society is a community of burn survivors, their loved ones, health professionals, and firefighters. We work together to ensure that no one feels alone as they get back to life after a burn injury. Follow our blog for news on our work, stories of burn survivors, and resources for healing and hope. If you’re ready to share your story, be sure to join our online community for more conversation and connections.


Jeff Saturday - Giving the Best You’ve Got

Oct 28, 2015

Jeff Saturday knows how important it is to work together with a supportive and collaborative team—especially when the talk turns toward burn recovery and support. His 14-year professional football career included 13 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, one with the Green Bay Packers, 6 Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl. Life’s path also brought the burn injuries of his youngest son and the son of a close family friend. Read more about the lessons of teamwork Jeff shared with the Phoenix WBC 2015 attendees—on and off the field...

Another Great Congress - Thanks to Our Volunteers for Making Phoenix WBC 2015 Possible!

Oct 24, 2015

This year, over 200 volunteers brought their hands together to make Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015 in Indianapolis, such a memorable event... We are inspired by the commitment, heart, and talent that assembles to volunteer for Phoenix World Burn Congress. Our deepest THANKS for all you do! See the photo gallery of volunteers.....

Phoenix Society’s Talent Show Participants Take the Stage!

Oct 24, 2015

Last night’s Phoenix World Burn Congress Talent Show participants inspired the audience with a show of amazing talent! We would like to thank all the participants for their efforts and willingness to share their performances with their fellow attendees and the show emcee,Jen Carmack, for providing her talent as well. Our special thanks to our friends at Bio Oil for sponsoring the talent show event!

Phoenix UBelong Childcare: More Than a Babysitting Service!

Oct 24, 2015

Imagination! Exploration! Learning! Phoenix UBelong supports family-centered care and has purposefully set up our programming so that it is transitional in nature: UBelong Childcare—> UBelong Youth and Teen—> UBelong Young Adults—> UBelong Parents. Read more about our childcare programming offered at Phoenix World Burn Congress...

Phoenix UBelong Finds Creative Ways to Learn and Practice Social Skills

Oct 24, 2015

Social skills and peer mentorship are two of the Phoenix Society’s main platforms. Sometimes a mentor comes along at just the right moment to support us. Read more about how the Phoenix UBelong Youth and Teen participants were able to practice and learn these social skills!

Having Fun With Yoga at Phoenix UBelong

Oct 23, 2015

"Did you know that the way you breathe can change the way your mind and body feel?" Jill Clark enthusiastically said to the UBelong crowd as she led the kids through a series of yoga moves and techniques. Jill is a volunteer with the Phoenix UBelong program and a certified yoga instructor, and she offers the following thoughts to all the participants at the UBelong Yoga sessions:

Session to Understand Addiction and Recovery Offered at Phoenix WBC

Oct 23, 2015

James Bosch and Megan Bronson hosted an insightful session at Phoenix WBC with the discussion topic: "Addiction and Recovery: Understanding the role of Same in Perpetuating the Addictive Process". This session at Phoenix World Burn Congress offered the opportunity for attendees and professionals to discuss, ask questions, and gain understanding of the role of addiction and substance abuse as a survival response to a life-threatening situation such as burn trauma. Read more about the session on our blog - or find information from our online Resources Library.

Breakout Session on the Subject of Sexuality and Intimacy Offered at Phoenix WBC Session

"Will my relationships with others be different?" "Will my significant other still want to be with me?" - OR - "Will anyone be attracted to me with the way I now look?" Read more about the Phoenix World Burn Congress breakout session on "Getting in Touch with Sexuality and Intimacy After a Burn Injury" and find more information on the topic from our Resources Library....

Facing the Future - Tools to Help Survivors “Get Back to Living”

Oct 22, 2015

Burn survivors had the opportunity to learn critical social skills and practice some of those skills in one of the most sought-after pre-Congress workshops "Facing the Future...STEPS to Social Confidence and Social Control at Phoenix World Burn Congress. The session was facilitated by Barbara Kammerer Quayle, Mona Kreuger, and Tony Gonzalez. Read more about the workshop... and get this valuable training from our convenient online training course!

Join Us for Phoenix Advocacy Training! Survivors Using Their Voices to Make a Difference

Successful advocacy requires effective tools and messaging to make a difference. That's why the Phoenix Society is offering our newly updated advocacy training course at Phoenix World Burn Congress. We know that by bringing together the individual stories of burn survivors and raising our voice as a burn community, we can increase understanding of burn issues, improve burn prevention efforts, and reach more burn survivors. This powerful advocacy training is also available through our NEW online training course. Read more about the training and how YOU can get involved! You can be trained as a Phoenix Advocate through our NEW online training course - or experience the training onsite at Phoenix World Burn Congress.

Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015 Opens in Indy!!

Oct 22, 2015

Welcome to Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015! On Thursday morning, the attendees of Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015 were greeted by the stirring notes of bagpipes, the national anthem, and Pat Horan's, Phoenix Society's Board President, warm welcome to the 27th annual Congress. Read more about the inspiring opening ceremony and the Phoenix Society award recipients...

Phoenix UBelong Kicks It Off!

Oct 22, 2015

Gathered together in our orange and teal shirts, Wednesday's kick-off event gave Phoenix UBelong staff, volunteers and families the opportunity to get to get to know each other, laugh, and have fun. Since Indianapolis is a city centered around sports, our ice breaker activities reflected this sports theme. Read more about about the friendly competition and kick-off activities that helped break the ice and create a sense of ease with the parents, teens, and kids!

Hundreds Attend Phoenix Walk of Remembrance - Commemorating Losses and Advocating for Prevention

The burn survivor community united in a Walk of Remembrance at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015 to honor those lost to burn injury and to raise awareness within our communities that burns are a leading cause of accidental death and injury. Read more about our efforts to raise awareness, improve quality of care, and prevent burn injuries...

Young Adults are “Taking the Wheel”!

Oct 21, 2015

This year, the Young Adult pre-conference workshop included an "Indy" inspired program theme and focused specifically on how we are all “in the driver’s seats” of our own lives. The attendees of this workshop spent the first part of the day together in discussion groups sharing how the life-choices that we make both show what we value—and shape where we’re going. The fun-filled afternoon included a team-building outing to the Dallara Indycar factory. This event gave the young adult group a chance to “take the wheel hands on” and experience firsthand driving a race car!

Phoenix SOAR Program Welcomes New Volunteers at Phoenix WBC Training Session!

Oct 21, 2015

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is welcoming new members to our growing Phoenix SOAR family! Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) training sessions were conducted at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2015 where new members were trained and additional training was offered for existing members to continue to strengthen the program. Phoenix SOAR connects burn patients and their loved ones to a compassionate community of people who share the experience of a burn injury - from someone who's 'been there'. The purpose of the program is simple yet powerful: that no survivor of a burn injury should feel alone as they make this journey. Read more about the newly-trained participants to the program.

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