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The Phoenix Society is a community of burn survivors, their loved ones, health professionals, and firefighters. We work together to ensure that no one feels alone as they get back to life after a burn injury. Follow our blog for stories and resources by the burn community, for the burn community.


PRESS RELEASE - Phoenix Society Awarded Federal Fire Prevention Grant

Nov 18, 2014

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded a $269,000 grant to Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The grant will support and expand the Phoenix Society’s Phoenix SOAR® (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery®) program, with particular emphasis in increasing the access to firefighter peer support, educational information, and resources for burn-injured firefighters, their families, and everyone in the fire service affected by burn injury.

The Journey Back, Making School Reentry Easier for Young Survivors

Nov 17, 2014

Helping children regain a sense of normalcy to their lives after burn injury and a reconnection with their peer community prompted the development of The Journey Back school re-entry program several years ago. When I was a child life specialist, I had been asked several times to present a school re-entry program on very short notice and without much preparation on how to implement such a program. School re-entry programs can be instrumental to a child’s transition in healing and after learning that many other colleagues were challenged with the same task -- and many schools and families were desperately searching for help -- it motivated me to figure out how we could make this process easier.

Media Advisory - CMA star Chris Young and Kidde Promote National Fire Safety Campaign

Nov 5, 2014

Grammy nominated singer Chris Young and Kidde Fire Safety are partnering to shine a “Spotlight on Fire Safety”. This national campaign is designed to help keep families safe and will also help burned firefighters by expanding the Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) program. Phoenix SOAR for firefighters is the first national initiative supporting burned firefighters. Kidde and Young will be joined by national and local fire service including Tulare (CA) Division Chief and Phoenix SOAR-trained peer supporter, Luis Nevarez and Phoenix Society Executive Director Amy Acton.

Media Advisory - Chris Young and Kidde Announce National Campaign at 48th CMA Awards

Nov 5, 2014

Grammy nominated, RCA Records Nashville singer/songwriter Chris Young will join Kidde Fire Safety to promote a national fire safety campaign that will help protect families by donating Kidde’s Worry-Free smoke alarms and help burned firefighters by expanding the Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) program. Run by the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Phoenix SOAR for firefighters is the first national initiative supporting burned firefighters. Kidde and Young will be joined by national and local fire service including City of Tulare (CA) Fire Department Division Chief and Phoenix SOAR-trained peer supporter, Louis Nevarez. Nevarez’s left forearm was amputated after a burn injury.

5 Ways to Keep Connected After Phoenix World Burn Congress

Nov 4, 2014

Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014 wrapped up two weeks ago with record attendance of over 1,000 people attending the annual, international conference. The conference offers a unique and powerful opportunity for people to come together to offer support, increase their knowledge of burn recovery, and share inspiring stories. For many burn survivors, this is their first opportunity to connect with others on the journey of burn recovery. It can be a profound and life-changing experience. So naturally, it can be difficult to transition back to “normal” life after the conference. Connections are a big part of the reason that Phoenix WBC is so powerful, so we want to help keep those connections alive throughout the year. Here are 5 ways to keep connected after Phoenix World Burn Congress.

Our Thanks to Phoenix WBC 2014 Volunteers!

Oct 25, 2014

Phoenix Society volunteers give with their hearts and offer the many hands needed to make World Burn Congress an inspiring and healing week for all in attendance. We honor and value their contributions and would like to extend our deepest thanks for all they do.

Our Youngest Participate in Phoenix WBC 2014

Oct 25, 2014

The smallest survivors and family members got a taste of belonging and fun today too! Our childcare participant, ages infant through 6 years old, enjoyed getting to know new friends and supportive caregivers. They got to explore lots of games, active play, and more. Our Phoenix UBelong staff also brought components of therapeutic programming to the kids. Childcare participants got to do an expressive arts activity just like the big kids at Phoenix UBelong! Children got to do role playing with their homemade puppets to act out and role play social skills as a way to talk about who they are and celebrating their unique qualities .

AMPed Up and UnLIMBed

Oct 24, 2014

Burn survivor-amputees and health care providers shared information and inspiration in this breakout session at the Phoenix World Burn Congress. Maureen Cross, MPT, WCC, CLT, began the session with information about wound healing, prosthetics, the power of a positive attitude and the challenges of working with insurance companies. For inspiration, Maureen showed excerpts from a TEDTalk by Amy Purdy, a double amputee who won the bronze medal in snowboarding at the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi. In the second half of the session, panelists James Andreoli, Jamie Goldman, Eric Weatherbee and Sara Miller answered questions from co-facilitator Sam Wotring and members of the audience.

Community Reentry Outings

Recovery for the burn survivor and their family does not stop when they are discharged from the hospital, it extends beyond that. For some it begins with the first step back into the community, back into their life outside of the hospital. The first step in anything can be moving, fulfilling and exciting. But for a burn survivor and their family it can also be intimidating and stressful. However, with support and the right tools it can be successful for all involved. One way to help overcome the uncertainty is by participating in a community reentry outing. We have been learning about these social skill tools throughout our week in Phoenix UBelong and our oldest groups of adolescents went to Joe's Italian Ice to practice what they have learned and support each other through the process.

Music Therapy at Phoenix UBelong

Music Therapy: “Friday at UBelong we were joined by a drummer who taught us how to use drumming to express individuality and come together as a group”… Music Therapy involves children in singing, listening, playing and creative activities. We wanted to include this activity at Phoenix World Burn Congress because its goals support the Phoenix UBelong program by finding ways to express ourselves, build confidence, and heal. By Rebecca Parmenter MS, CCLS and Christen Bradbury MS, CCLS, Phoenix UBelong volunteers

Phoenix SOAR Training - The Commitment Grows At Phoenix WBC 2014

Oct 24, 2014

The ongoing commitment to provide one-one-one peer support to burn survivors and their loved ones continues to grow! Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors conducted multiple Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) training sessions at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014. Phoenix SOAR is a hospital-based program designed by Phoenix Society and a national committee of experts to train burn survivors and their families, so they may volunteer as peer supporters for burn patients and their families.

Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014 Officially Opens!

Oct 24, 2014

Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014 has officially opened! Thursday morning, the attendees of Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress 2014 gathered together for the conference opening ceremonies. The ceremony created a memorable welcome to burn survivors, their loved ones, first-responders, and medical professionals - welcoming all to the burn community and encouraging participation in support, education, and healing.

Pain is inevitable. Misery and Happiness are Optional.  Choosing Happiness

Oct 23, 2014

Michael Bergeron hosted a Phoenix World Burn Congress workshop today regarding pain, misery, and happiness. Michael shared for us his findings and expertise on the topic of choosing happiness in the face of life's events.

UBelong Yoga Zone

Oct 23, 2014

As renowned yoga master B. K. S. Iyengar would commonly say “Yoga is for everyone.” And we here at Phoenix World Burn Congress fully believe that too. Burn survivors and kids (and especially burn survivors who are kids!) can gain so much from the practice of Yoga. That’s why we’ve brought it to Phoenix UBelong this year. We had so much fun in our first session where we turned the Lanai Deck here at Hilton Anaheim into the “Yoga Zone”! The Phoenix UBelong participants were enthusiastic and extra-limber as we enjoyed (believe it or not) fun ways to breathe, new ways to stretch our bodies and scars, and the act of being completely still. Kids, still?! You betcha!

Phoenix Society Holds a Stirring Walk of Remembrance

Oct 23, 2014

The Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress 2014 kicked off with a stirring and inspiring 'Walk of Remembrance'. The walk was held from the Hilton Anaheim toward the Ocean Fountain of the Grand Plaza and saw a community of hundreds of burn survivors and their loved ones, burn care professionals, and firefighters gather to pay tribute to the lives lost to burn injuries. The walk also offered a time to remember our own losses and personal thoughts related to burn injuries. In the words of Pam Peterson, "It was a goosebump event!"

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