Phoenix WBC App

Put Phoenix WBC in the palm of your hands by downloading our official conference app, sponsored by Johnson Controls! Use our app to plan ahead, learn more about speakers, mark exhibitors you don’t want to miss, and connect with fellow attendees.

Phoenix WBC App

Watch Phoenix Society's Facebook Video on the app here


How to Download

  1. Download the Event Portal for Eventbrite from the App Store or Google Play. (Please note: The Event Portal App is not the same as the Eventbrite App).
  2. Make sure you accept notifications so you don't miss out on conference updates!
  3. Select ‘Tap to Start.'
  4. Enter the Event Code: phowbc
  5. Select ‘Register Now’ (Please note: this is for Phoenix WBC app registration. This is not the same as the conference registration but you can use the same contact information). 
  6. Personalize your profile and connect with fellow attendees! 


In The App

  • Schedule: View the entire conference schedule, take notes on each event, find events fit just for you, and bookmark your sessions you don’t want to miss.
    • Use the funnel on the top right to filter the events. Scroll pass the ‘Rooms” to find ‘Categories.’
    • Click on an event to learn more and see speakers about that specific event. Please note – not all events have additional information. 
    • Click on any event to take notes on that specific event. We recommend saving these notes later on in another document.
    • Click on an event to find it’s location on our conference map. Please note – not all events will be found on the map.
  • Maps: View maps of the Anaheim Convention Center and Hilton Anaheim. You can also view specific event locations under Schedule.
  • Speakers: View our speakers and take notes within their profile.
  • Info: Find general information, things to do, local resources, and more!
  • Sponsors: Meet the 2019 Phoenix WBC sponsors.
  • Exhibitors: Learn more about each exhibitor and find their contact information. 
  • Website: View the Phoenix Society Website
  • Social Media: Follow Phoenix Society’s social media accounts and stay updated with #PhoenixWBC. 
  • Notifications: Get real time Phoenix WBC updates and announcements.
  • Activity Feed: Share your conference photos with other Phoenix WBC attendees. 
  • Messaging: Message and connect with Phoenix WBC attendees. Learn more under Profile + Privacy.
  • Attendee List: Find other Phoenix WBC attendees. Learn more under Profile + Privacy. 
  • Profile Settings: Manage your account settings. Learn more under Profile + Privacy. 


Profile + Privacy

On the second page of the conference app, you will find ways to connect with other Phoenix WBC Attendees. All profiles within the app are automatically set to visible, which means your profile is invisible. If you have an invisible profile, you will be unable to message and connect with other attendees. To become visible, adjust your Profile Settings. Under Profile Settings, click on ‘edit account’ to adjust account information, visibility, and messaging settings. 


Earn Points + Prizes

Earn points - simply by using the app - for the chance to win prizes during Phoenix WBC! Points feed into the in-app leaderboard where app users can see each others’ progress, point tally, and overall ranking. When attendees are visible, they will appear on the leaderboard with the number of points earned. If your profile is set to private, you can still earn points and view the leaderboard (but your profile will not be added to the public leaderboard).


How to Earn Points

  • First login = 100 points
  • Attend a session/event = 50 points
  • Post a status = 25 points
  • Post a status with an image = 50 points
  • Send a private message = 25 
  • View a notification = 50 points
  • First visit of any page = 10 points
  • All visits of a page = 1 point


  • GoPro Hero 7
  • Fire HD 8 Tablet - WiFi