Peg Paul

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Secretary

President, Peg Paul & Associates
Frankfort, IL


Peg began her career 30 years ago as a copywriter at a Chicago-based advertising agency working with major pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Her introduction to fire safety was on behalf of the water heater industry in 1992 when she developed and managed a multi-million dollar consumer information and education program to prevent burn injuries and death caused by flammable vapor ignition and excessively hot tap water. Peg has been the communications manager for the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition since 1997 where she oversees the educational programs for consumers, members of the fire service, home building industry, real estate and insurance agents, water purveyors and other targeted groups. HFSC received the 2011 Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Safety Leadership Award.

Established in 2000, Peg Paul & Associates (PPA) is a marketing communications agency that specializes in developing and implementing multi-integrated information and education campaigns. While the agency supports a wide range of client needs, PPA has established a niche in public safety promotion, and has been retained for this purpose by some of the leading national safety advocacy groups, trade associations and industries. PPA’s services include advertising, public relations, collateral/educational, video production, web site development/management, social media, trade shows and fulfillment/database management.

In addition to the work with the water heater industry and HFSC, Peg has worked on issues related to fire and burn prevention, carbon monoxide poisoning, propane safety, electrical safety and childhood injury prevention. PPA’s work has been recognized through various industry awards including the Parents Choice Award, Telly, MarCom, Davey and AVA. The American Fire Sprinkler Association recognized Peg as the 2014 Fire Sprinkler Advocate of the Year.