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The Phoenix Society Resource Center


The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors Resource Center promotes the health and well-being of people living with a burn injury by providing comprehensive information, resources and referrals.


You are not alone in your journey to recover, renew, and return to life.  Thousands who have been impacted by a burn injury have used the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors as a resource during their recovery.


Below is a comprehensive listing of articles and materials. All files are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it free.



 Men's Profile Articles

- Tony Gonzalez: A Man of Quiet


- Erin Mounsey: A Challenging  
  Road to Recovery

- Frank McGonagle: Why 
- Brad Johnson: Overcoming

  Challenges; Encouraging Fellow

- Brien Dews: A Survivor of a

  Single- Engine Plane Crash in

  2000, Brian Dews Shares His

  Story of Survival

- David Schury: Discovering the

  Reason Why
- John Bynum: A burn Survivor

  and Firefighter Finds the Good in

  a Bad Situation

- J.R. Martinez: Actor and Burn

  Survivor J.R. Martinez is Fighting

  the Battle of a Lifetime

- Mitch Dyer: A Newlywed couple

  Faces a Challenge of a Lifetime

- Alex Trevino: New Freinds, New

  Support System, A New Outlook

  On Life by Meg Hammet - Burn

  Support News

Women's Profile Articles
- Susan Lugli: Moving out of

  Hiding and Into Freedom
- Stephanie Bello Stote: Family

  Support Key to Recovery
- Facing Motherhood - Female

  Burn Survivors Tell Their Stories
- Aimee Dryer: Newlywed Couple

  Faces Challenge of a Lifetime
- A Sister Discovers Trauma

  Doesn't Just Exist With the One

  Who Was Hurt
- Sarah Bazey: Deciding Not To

  Live a Life Defined by Scars
- Justina Page: A Story of Love,

  Faith, and the Strength of the

  Human Spirit
- Melisa Schoeppler: Celebrating a

  New Life and New Opportunities
- Kim Phuc: Sending a Message of

  Love, Hope, and Firgiveness
- Patty Tweedle: Surviving Against

  All Odds


Child and Family
- Lane Duckworth: Family Learns
  Lessons in Coping from People

  and Animals by Kathy J. Edwards,


- Ethan LaPorte: A Boy Changed,

  but Not Defined by His Burn

- Joe Schukel: Family Learns

  Lessons of Endurance by Kathy

  J. Edwards, PHD - Burn Support


- Family Finds Support in UBelong

  Program at World Burn Congress

  by Nathan Caminata - Burn Support


- The Bowers Family - A Family

  Faces the Challenges of a Burn

  Injury Together and Grows Stronger

  in the Process - Burn Support News

- Lionel and Joanne Crowther -

  Getting Through the Fire: One

  Couple's Guidebook for "Surviving

  Survival" by Kathy Edwards, PHD

- Helping the Traumatized 

  Children to Reclaim Life by

  Megen Bronson, RN, MSN, CS

  - Burn Support News
- Grief, Loss, and Healing After

  Burn Trauma: Helping Children

  by Megan Bronson, RN, MSN,

  CS - Burn Support News
- Supporting Children in Reconn-

  ecting With Parents and Siblings 

  Changed by Burn Trauma by

  Megen Bronson, RN, MSN, CS -

  Burn Support News
- Helping Children Understand

  and Cope with the Experience of 

  Hospitalization by Amy Clark, BS,

  CCLS - Burn Support News
- Preparing Children to Visit the

  Burn Unit by Kathy J. Edwards,

  PHD - Burn Support News
- Don't Forget the Siblings by

  Melodee Gerber Mancuso, PHD -

  Burn Support News

- The Journey Back - Because

  School Reentry Is a Big Deal by

  Amy Clark - Program Director,

  Phoenix Soceity for Burn Survivors

- Recognizing the Impact of

  Child hood Trauma
- Children at Risk: Red Flags

- Glossary of Medical Terms

- How KIDS HEAR Hospital

- Common Questions Children

  Ask About Burns
- Developmental Considerations

- Hospitalization Issues Listed

  by Stages of Develoment

- Online Resources

Burn Camp
- Putting the Therapuetic in Burn

  Camps by Megan Bronson, RN,

  MSN, CS - Burn Support News

- The Adult Survivor Family Getaway: 
  Burn Camp for the Entire Family
- Family Burn Camp: YMCA Camp

  deNurd Style

- Burn Camps Offer Unique

  Growth Opportunities by Brad

  Wiggins, RN, BSN and Christopher

  A. Thurber, PhD, ABPP

- Taking That "Camp Magic" Home

  With You by Donna Trentel, MSA,

  CCLS - Burn Support News


Intimacy, Sexuality, and Relationships

- Intimacy and Sexuality after a

  Burn Injury by Health Sciences

  Center - Winnipeg
- Characteristics of Healing 


- Vocational Resources Overview

 - Employment After Burn Injury - (English)  Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC)

 -Employment After Burn Injury - (Spanish) Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC)

- Navigating the Workforce After

  a Burn Injury - Presentation from

  World Burn Congress 2009
- Victims to Survivors - Bullying by

  Paul Schwartzman, LMHC, MS,

  DAPA -Burn Support News


Law and Finance

- Dealing with Debt: Effort to

  Negotiate Can Pay Off by Clare M.

  Stenstrom, CFP - Burn Support


- Finding an Attorney and Taking

  Legal Action by Rick Halpert, JD -

 Burn Support News

- Thinking the Unthinkable:

  Preparing For Lawsuit by Neal

  DeYoung - Burn Support News

- Life Care Planning by Lee

  Brinkley Bryan, MED, CRC,

  CVE - Burn Support News

- Credit Repair One Hour

  Workshop for Burn Survivors

Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, and Grief

- Transcending Burn Trauma: 
  Beyond Survival by Megan

  Bronson, RN, MSN, CS - Burn

  Support News
- Adults Burned as Children:
  Buried Trauma by Megan Bronson,
  RN, MSN, CS - Burn Support News
- Calming Trauma - How Under-
  standing the Brain Can Help
  by Dawn McClelland, PHD, and
  Chris Gilyard, MA - Burn Support

- Coping with Stress - Focusing


- Coping with Stress - Exposure

- Coping with Stress - Cognitive

  Methods by Monica Neel, PSYD

  & Jim Fauerbach, PHD - Burn

  Support News
- Smoothing Scars: The Impact

  of Massage on Burn Survivors

  Therapy by Gin Phillips - Burn 

  Support News

- Gaining and Maintaining a

   Healthy Body Image by Shelley

  A.Wiechman, PHD, ABPP - Burn

  Support News

- Surviving the Holidays After

  a Loss: One Family's Strategy for

  Coping by James A. Bosch MA, MFTI

 - Getting the Most Out of Counseling After A Burn Injury by

Grief and Trauma
- Victim Triangle
- Uses for Anger
- Principles for Supporting Grief
- Support for Recovery: Recovery

- Psychological and Emotional  

  Impact of a Burn Injury
- Post Traumatic Stress


- Positive Self Talk: What does

  it Mean, and How Do I Learn How

  To Do It or Make Sure That I am

  Doing It Right? by Carla S. Oliver,


- Posttraumatic Growth: A

  Choice by Megan Bronson,


- Trauma Responses in Children 
   and Adolescents



- Side by Side Fire Sprinkler


- Society Holds First Advocacy

- Fire Sprinklers for Homes: The

  Next Logical Step in Life Safety

  by Peg Paul - Burn Support News
- Home Fire Sprinkler System 

  Fact Sheet
- NFPA Sprinkler Article,

  Featuring Cindy Rutter
- Fireworks: Not Worth the Risk by

  Jimmy Parks, MS, RN - Burn

  Support News
- Stay Warm This Winter... Safely

  by Jimmy Parks, MS, RN - Burn

  Support News
- Enjoy The Sun With Care by

  Robert L. Klein, MD - Burn

  Support News
- Clothes Dryer Safety Tips -

  Burn Support News
- Summer Traditions Require

  Caution - Grilling Safety Tips and

  More by Jimmy Parks, MS, RN - 

  Burn Support News
- Dangers Associated with a

  Forgotten Appliance Water

  Heaters by Thomas J. Wuori,

  JD -  Burn Support News
- Movement to Ban Novelty

   Lighters Gains Momentum by

  Jimmy Parks, MS, RN - Burn

  Support News

Peer Support and Support

Group Resources

- What You Need to Start Your

  Own Support Group by Phoenix

  Society for Burn Survivors
- Lending a Healing Hand: Peer

  Support by Karen Badger, PHD,

  MSW - Burn Support News

 - Summit Focuses on Peer

  Support for Burn-Injured


Social Skills
- Beyond Surviving: Tools for

  Surviving After Burn Injury

- Beyond Surviving (Spanish)

  Information on Supporting Burn

  Survivors with Techniques to Feel

  Confident in Social Situations by

  Barbara Kammerer-Quayle, M.A.
- Tools to Handle Questions and

  Teasing by Barbara Kammerer-

  Quayle, M.A.
- When People Stare by Barbara

  Kammerer- Quayle, M.A.
- Cyber Bullying: What is it? And

  What Can You Do?

- How To Talk About It: "Crucial

  Conversations" With Burn

  Survivors by Karen Badger, PHD,

  MSW & Liz Dideon Hess, LCSW

Burn Professionals and Foundations
- ABLS Resources for Burn

- Burn Discharge in a "Perfect"

  World: A Goal for The Burn Care

  Community by Lynn D. Solem,

  MD - Burn Support News
- Connecting With Local Fire

  Departments by Ronald Jon

  Siarnicki - Burn Support News
- Words, Words... Does it Look

  Good? Terminology for Burn

  Professionals by Robert Klein,

  MD, FACS - Burn Support News
- Addressing Sexuality with

  Adult Burn Survivors Guideline

  by Health Sciences Center -


- Firefighters and Their Families:

  Making Connections at WBC by

  Karen Badger, PHD, MSW; Phil

  Tammaro, FF-EMT; and Contributors

- Preventing Compassion

  Fatigue for Ourselves While Caring

  for Others by Karen Badger, PHD,

  MSW - Burn Support News
- Self Care for Caregivers by

  Michelle Bergeron, MA, LMHC -

  Burn Support News
- Helping A Person With Burn

   Injury - In and Out-of-Hospital

  Tips by Kathy Edwards, PHD - Burn

  Support News
- Compassion Fatigue Overview

- How to Beat The Itch by Michael

  D. Peck, MD, SCD - Burn Support

- Fractional Ablation Laser

  Therapy for Burn Scars by

  Robert J. Spence, MD with Jill

  Waibel, MD - Burn Support News
- Restorative Role of Sleep by

  Micah Sadigh, PHD - Burn Support

- Road to Restoration - Impact of
  Reconstructive Surgery by Joseph

  M. Mlakar, MD - Burn Support


- Electrical Burns: A New Take on

  an Old Injury, by Chris Gilyard,


- Pyschosocial Considerations in

  Hand/Arm Transplantation by:

  Stephen T. Wegner, PhD, ABPP

- Rehabilitation Options After

  Experiencing a Severe Hand

  Burn by: William Scott Dewey,


 - Hand Transplantation by Curtis

  L. Cetrulo, Jr., MD, FACS