Phoenix World Burn Congress



Phoenix World Burn Congress is an annual international conference that brings together more than 800 burn survivors, their families, care givers, burn care professionals and firefighters.


It is a forum in which we encourage and facilitate the sharing of stories, provide support and increase knowledge of burn recovery. For many it is the first opportunity to meet and share with others who have experienced a burn trauma.


The conference also serves as a wonderful learning experience for burn care professionals to better understand the issues that impact burn survivors' lives. Many firefighters that have attended discuss the closure it brings for them as they witness burn survivors and their families living meaningful lives.


We hope you will join us and experience it for yourselves! 


What's Coming

We're going to Anaheim, California! Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014 will be held in Anaheim, CA, October 22-25, 2014.


testimonials from Phoenix world burn congress (video testimonials )

"My family just grew ...  This fellowship of burn survivors and their families is a source of inspiration greater than I have ever been able to imagine.  To know that I am really not alone and that there are people who care, makes a difference.  Just wish I had this way earlier.  It’s never too late!"- Burn Survivor


"Gathering with so many people of similar injuries, similar problems gave me a boost like no other ... This injury can happen not only to the burn survivor but also to those surrounding him.  We are now prepared to listen, to tell our story, and to support all injured from burns."  - Firefighter and Burn Survivor


"This experience gives you insight, strength, and connections to others you will not experience in any other venue.  It makes you a better healthcare provider." - Physician's Assistant 


"My daughter ... has had such a wonderful time meeting new friends, not only her age, but of all ages.  The (Phoenix Society's) World Burn Congress has literally given her new hope -- a refreshed lease on life.  Thank you for this opportunity and for this life-changing experience."  - Family of a Burn Survivor