"Tom and I felt so alone in those first months after our six year old daughter's accident.  I was encouraged to see that there are so many others out there interested in helping new families like us.  The support of other families gave us hope.  It was just what we needed at that time." 


Ann Duckworth ~ mother of child with 85% burn injury.



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group at wbc 2006The Phoenix Society understands that the healing power of connecting with others who have had a similar experience can assist in the healing process.  This secure section of our website provides a place for you to share your story, while also providing a place to connect with others who have similar experiences related to a burn trauma.   


  • By sharing we gain insight and awareness of our own healing.
  • Provide comfort and help to others who are struggling with similar issues.


Whether you are a survivor, family member, care provider or fire personnel, we have all been impacted by a burn trauma and all are welcome.


Ground Rules of Support Network

The community is not meant to take the place of or provide counseling, psychotherapy or medical advice.  Rather it is meant to provide real life experiences, support and direction so you may move forward in your healing process.   We ask that all members of our online community agree to abide by the ground rules of our support network. For our complete Terms of Use please click here.


Resource locator 

Provides links to organizations in your area for burn care, support programs and prevention.  Click here to go to the resource locator.