Phoenix WBC Virtual Support Group

Join us for a live, virtual support group!

Phoenix World Burn Congress Virtual Support Group

Friday, October 4, 2019
9:15 - 10:15 PM EST

Join us for a live, virtual support group during Phoenix World Burn Congress (WBC)! 


Peer Support Chat and Virtual Support Group

Peer Support Chat: a free-flowing conversation moderated by Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recover) Peer Supporters. A place to ask questions, get support and hear from other survivors and loved ones. Come and go at any point during the 90-minute Chat.

Virtual Support Group: a support group facilitated by trained Mental Health professionals alongside burn survivors (Phoenix SOAR volunteers). A confidential and supportive time to share, discuss and listen to others telling about the trials and triumphs of life after a burn injury. For survivors and family members only please. Please be on time and commit to the entire 1-hour session.


How to Join

If you are having difficulties joining the meeting, see Cisco Webex Help Center

  1. Click here to join the Virtual Support Group - then click on "Join Meeting." Recommendation: We recommend using a laptop or computer with a webcam. 
  2. When you join the meeting, you'll see the Audio and Video Connection page. On this page, you can choose how to connect your audio and video.
  3. From the Select Audio Connection drop-down list, select your audio connection. Recommendation: We recommend using a mobile phone for audio connection - select "Call Me" and enter your phone number. You will then recieve a phone call with further instructions on connecting. 
  4. From the Select Video Connection drop-down list, select your video connection.
  5. Click "Connect Audio and Video" to join the group.


More Ways to Join:

  • ​Join by video system: Dial .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). You can also dial and enter your meeting number.
  • Join by phone: +1-415-655-0003 US Toll, Access code: 927 246 818 (View international call-in numbers here)


Virtual Support Group Guidelines

  • Please commit to the entire duration of the Virtual Support Group. We ask that you sign-on a few minutes early so that we can start the group on time. 
  • You are welcome to join even if you do have a webcam or video connection. 
  • What is shared in this group stays in this group. 
  • All feelings are okay. Feelings are neither right nor wrong, good nor bad. We do not need to rescue people from their feelings. When feelings are heard with respect and empathy, people can begin to resolve these feelings. Remembering these things about feelings will help this group to be emotionally safe. Feelings do not need to be interpreted, analyzed, or judged.
  • Respect people’s boundaries and listen while people are sharing.
  • Only one person speaks at a time--please do not interrupt or talk over others. Respect people’s opinions. Ask permission to comment on something someone else has shared or to ask them a question. It is fine to let others know that you would rather that they did not comment on what you shared.
  • This group is a safe space for all religious and spiritual belief systems. Please be respectful of this. It is not all right to use the group time to try to convince people about any specific religion or spiritual belief system. It is; of course, fine to share how your belief system may have been supportive and helpful to you.