Frequently Asked Questions

Peer Support Chat on Facebook

If you need technical support or can't connect, you can reach a live Phoenix Society staff member on Wednesday night from 9:00PM - 10:30PM (EST). Click here for a list of numbers by country.

A group of survivors smiling and laughing together.


How do I join?

Click here for the Peer Support Chat Group. Between 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM (EST), you will be able to request to join the group. The group is "closed," which means all members must be approved by Chat Moderators.


Who can see my posts?

Anyone can see the group and its members, but only approved members can see posts and comments. At the end of the night, all comments will immediately be deleted so future participants cannot see the conversation.


What about privacy?

Everything you post in the Peer Support Chat Group will remain private. However, members of the group will have the ability to follow a link to your profile. Consider checking your privacy settings to review who can contact you and see your page. Please respect others' privacy by not messaging them directly outside of the group.


What happens to the group between Peer Support Chats?

After chat ends, the group will be "archived" until the next Peer Support Chat. While it's archived, you won't be able to join the group, add new members, post, or comment. 


Why did you switch to Facebook?

Our previous platform was causing several issues, including preventing members of our community from connecting. We considered several replacement options, and chose Facebook because of its accessibility and a range of functions that fulfill most of our needs.


Is the switch permanent?

We're continuing to evaluate long-term solutions. Facebook is an interim replacement so we can continue to offer connection and community while we search. We welcome your feedback — just send us an email!