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A Private Community for Support

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Welcome To Our Peer Support Chat!


Join us for a live, weekly chat about common issues and questions facing burn survivors and their loved ones.

Every week, Peer Support Chat offers a vital connection to the burn community for burn survivors and family members. In this online conversation, moderated by trained peer supporters, participants from all over the world can address questions and concerns about burn recovery.


**Peer Support Chat will be held on Thursday October 3, 2019 at 9 PM EST. There will be no Peer Support Chat on Wednesday October 2, 2019.**

When: Every Wednesday 
Time: 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM (EST)
ou will not be able to request to join the group until 9:00 PM (EST).


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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join?
Click here for the Peer Support Chat Group. Between 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM (EST), you will be able to request to join the group. The group is "closed," which means all members must be approved by Chat Moderators. When you request to join, you'll be asked basic questions about your connection to the burn community. this helps us ensure all members are directly connected to the issues discussed.
Who can see my posts?
Anyone can see the group and its members, but only approved members can see posts and comments. When the chat ends, all comments will immediately be deleted so future participants cannot see the conversation.
What about privacy?
Everything you post in the Peer Support Chat Group will remain private. However, members of the group will have the ability to follow a link to your profile. Consider checking your privacy settings to review who can contact you and see your page. Please respect others' privacy by not messaging them directly outside of the group.
What happens to the group between Peer Support Chats?
After chat ends, the group will be "archived" until the next Peer Support Chat. While it's archived, you won't be able to join the group, add new members, post, or comment.